Research System in V Rising  – How it Works – Explained

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V Rising is a survival game, though its theme is unique because players here play as Vampires. But like every other survival game, V Rising also allows players to collect different resources and items to create various items. Several features are available in the game, and Researching is one of them. This guide will help you know how the research system works in V Rising.

Research System in V Rising- How it Works?

In V Rising, researching works similar to the real world. Like the real world, in the world of V Rising also, players can use research to unlock new technologies. Players need to collect the required materials to research, just like in other survival games.

In V Rising, the Research system needs Research Table, Paper, and Research Book. The Research Table is not a default item; you have to craft the table by collecting materials. Research Table needs- 120 Animal Hide, 80 Stones, and 8 Planks. After you collect all these items, press ‘B’ to open the Build menu. The Research Tab is inside that menu, and you can use it to place a Research Table.

Once the Research Table is done, you need to collect Research Books and papers to start researching.  In V Rising, you can loot paper or craft it using Paper Press. Each Crafting Recipe or Technology needs 50 Papers. Some specific recipes need Research Book that you can get by defeating bosses or looting chests. If you are using a Research Book, go to the ‘Research’ option at the Research Table Menu and if you are using Paper, go to the ‘Discover’ option in the Research Table Menu.

That’s all you need to know about how the Research system works in V Rising. If you are looking for a guide to know how Research works in V Rising, check out our guide for help.

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