How to Locate Alpha Wolf in V Rising

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Survival games are the most popular video game genre of recent times. Players like to face challenges and obstacles in an alien world and survive by their own abilities. V Rising is also a survival game, though players here play the role of a Vampire who has awakened after the Centuries.

Bosses are the primary aspects of Survival games, and V Rising is not an exception. Alpha Wolf is one of the many bosses available in the game, and this guide will help you know where you can find Alpha Wolf in V Rising.

Alpha Wolf Location in V Rising- Where to Find?

Alpha Wolf is the first Blood Boss you encounter in V Rising. Though the Alpha Wolf is a large enemy, it is not a challenging one. However, locating Alpha Wolf is troublesome, even if you know that it roams around Farbane Woods. Therefore, build a Blood Altar to track it down. A Blood Altar requires the Blood Altar Blueprint, 180 Stones, and 10 Blood Essence. First, complete The Hunt quest to obtain the Blood Altar Blueprint. Next, collect the required materials and build the Blood Altar via the in-game Build Menu.

Blood Altar can solve your problem and help you locate the Alpha Wolf boss, but if you don’t have enough resources to build Blood Altar, you can still find the Blood Boss by using the map location. It is indeed troublesome to locate the exact location of the enemy, but it generally roams at the eastern section of Farbane Wood. You can use the map location as a reference-

Alpha Wolf Location in V Rising- Where to Find

It often roams around the Cave Passage and the bandit Logging Camp. As a level 16 enemy, Alpha Wolf won’t be a challenging enemy to defeat, but we suggest not taking it lightly as well. It is better if your level is at least 16 or above. With a low level, you can’t win against a high-level enemy.

It is an aggressive enemy with powerful bites. If the attack lands correctly, you can freeze for some moments. So, attack the Wolf and keep dodging its attacks. Another thing to remember is that Alpha Wolf is not alone. It has regular wolves around it. So, before beating the main boss, take care of the wolves around it.

That’s all you need to know about how to find Alpha Wolf in V Rising.

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