How to Get Large Coin Purse in V Rising Gloomrot

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V Rising is not a new game, but one of the most played games of 2022. Its unique theme and gameplay have made it massively popular among players. In this game, the Vampire is the protagonist who faces problems and obstacles to progress through the story. The more you progress and collect items, the more you need storage to keep them, especially your in-game currencies. Coin Purse helps you arrange your coins, and players can take the purse with them for trading. This guide will help players know how to get a Large Coin Purse in V Rising.

Large Coin Purse Unlocking Process in V Rising Gloomrot- How to Do?

If you have played the original V Rising game, you are probably aware that almost after a year, the game has received an expansion. Since the new expansion has launched, players have jumped into the game to explore all the features. Of course, the new expansion has included new areas, bosses, items, etc.,  and players have jumped into the game to explore them.

Among the new items and features added to the game, there are multiple types of Coin Purses, from Small to Large, and players need to craft each according to their requirements. However, none of the recipes are unlocked from the beginning. Instead, players need to fight Blood Bosses to get the Coin Purse recipes.

If you have been looking for Large Coin Purse, you must defeat Azariel the Sunbringer boss. He is a level 65 boss who can be found in the Silverlight Hills, more specifically, in the Brighthaven Cathedral. This boss is challenging enough to beat, so players must reach at least Gear level 65 to face the boss. It is always better to have more Gear Level than the boss.

Large Coin Purse Unlocking Process in V Rising Gloomrot- How to Do

Defeating the boss will unlock the Large Coin Purse Recipe, and then players can use the Leatherworking Station to build the Large Coin Purse using the necessary ingredients. Leatherworking Station is a simple workbench to craft leather items, and players need 12 Leather and 12 Planks to build it once they beat Lidia the Chaos Archer and unlock the recipe.

A Large Coin Purse requires three items- 4 Goldsun Coins, 8 Pristine Leather, and 4 Radium Alloy. Crafting Goldsun Coin requires Fabricator. If you are unaware of the process, go through the guide for the necessary information- How to Farm Copper, Silver, and Goldsun Coins in V Rising. Pristine Leather needs Tannery, Fish Oil, and Pristine Hide to be made. Finally, if you are unaware of making Radium Alloy, go through the guide How to Unlock and Make Radium Alloy in V Rising for help.

That’s all you need to know about how to make a Large Coin Purse in V Rising Gloomrot.

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