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Bosses are an integral part of survival Games. Their appearance made the survival game thrilling and challenging. Like other survival games, V Rising also featured a lot of world bosses whom players need to beat to unlock new weapons and crafting recipes; also, to progress through the game. 

Among the bosses V Rising features, Grayson the Armourer is one of the challenging ones. This guide will help you know where you can find  Grayson the Armourer in V Rising.

Locations of Grayson the Armourer in V Rising- Where to Find?

Grayson the Armourer is one of the most challenging bosses, as we have previously mentioned, and he is a Level 27 boss. Therefore raise your Gear level to at least 27 before you find him. Locating these bosses is also another troublesome thing. V Rising has brought a new feature named Blood Altar to make this process easier.  Blood Altar helps the players locate the bosses. To get the Blood Altar, first players need to complete a quest named The Hunt, and upon completing it, the Blood Altar Blueprint unlocks. Next, collect 180 Stones and 10 Blood Essence to craft a Blood Altar.

You’ll find the Grayson the Armourer boss inside Bandit Armory. To be more precise, he is located at the backside of the area. If you have the Blood Altar, use it to track down Grayson the Armourer. Once the Blood Altar tracks it, go to the location, and it’ll be easier for you to find him.

If you intend to fight with Grayson, it’ll be better to level up yourself to level 30 at least. If you have a higher level than him, you can have the advantage in fighting. But Grayson is not a light opponent, so it is better to take your one friend while fighting with Grayson. Otherwise, it’ll probably be hard for you to tackle him alone. 

That’s all you need to know if you are looking for Grayson the Armourer in V Rising. If you are looking for a guide to get some help to find Grayson, check out our guide for required information.

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