How to Know if your Castle Needs Repairs in V Rising

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Stunlock Studios’ new vampire survival action game V Rising is becoming increasingly popular as it has sold over 500K units in just three days, in spite of being only an Early Access debut on Steam. The game has a horde of content in its initial form: plenty of bosses for players to seek out and defeat and items to win.  Players also get a castle which they need to look after in the game, where a lot of the developmental actions will take place. This guide will take you through the process of figuring out how to understand if your castle needs repairs in V Rising.

Does Your Castle Need Repairs in V Rising?

The Heart of the Castle is something you will need to carefully look after you have gained possession of the castle, as it is the one thing that keeps it up and running. And the thing that drives the heart and keeps things pumping, is blood.

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As a vampire survival game, blood is bound to have great significance in gameplay. You will need to power your castle with blood to prevent Decay, which is what the notification of  Castle Heart Status: In Decay means. 

When your Castle and its Structures are in a stage of degradation, your game will display this message to you and urge you to take action, lest the castle falls apart completely if left neglected. There is going to be some visual indication that your castle is decaying as well, which is delineated by the red glow across a particular Structure’s surface. 

If your castle is on the verge of decay, you will get a notification in the top right corner of your screen which is meant to inform you that your castle needs immediate attention. You will need to repair it by using Blood Essence, which you can find out more about in our guide on How to Stop your Castle from Decaying in V Rising.

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