How to Unlock and Craft Pistols in V Rising

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Gloomrot update in V Rising brings a lot of exciting stuff that makes the game even better than the earlier state. We played the beta of the game, and it has us excited for future updates due to the changes that Gloomrot has brought. With this update, you get to experience two new weapons in the game the duel pistols and the greatsword. Keep reading, and we will show you how to unlock the pistols in V Rising.

How to Unlock Pistols in V Rising 

To unlock the pistols in V Rising, you need to beat an old boss in the game that now unlocks the duel weapons. You need to find Jade the Vampire Hunter and defeat and drink her V Blood to unlock the pistols and other things. The fight with Jade can be challenging, especially if your level is at par or below her. 

How to Craft Pistols in V Rising

Once you have defeated Jade and unlocked the pistols, you can craft them at the Smithy. The resources required to craft the weapons are 16 Iron Ingot and 12 Plank. Both resources must be readily available if you have progressed this far into the game. To farm iron, the best place is the Dunlay Iron Mines. One run to the mine will provide sufficient Iron for many crating needs. 

So, this is how you can unlock and craft the Pistols in V Rising. You can further upgrade the Pistols to Merciless Pistols and later Explosive Dueling Pistols.

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