How to Increase Sanity in Phasmophobia

 How to Increase Sanity in Phasmophobia

If you are a fan of ghost-hunting, you have definitely heard of Phasmophobia. Released in 2020, this game has made a considerable fanbase worldwide, and the fanbase is gradually increasing. The most unique thing about this game is that the game doesn’t feature any jumpscares, but the overall scary atmosphere remains the same throughout the game. However, if you are anxious about low sanity in Phasmophobia, this guide will help you know how you can increase your sanity.

Phasmophobia Sanity Guide- How to Increase Sanity During the Game?

In Phasmophobia, there are 24 types of ghosts, and all these ghosts have unique traits. The randomness of ghost hunts and the aggression of the ghosts during hunts make the game thrilling and scary, no matter how much you have played it. However, if you are not playing in Nightmare difficulty, you’ll find a Sanity Monitor in the van that shows the sanity of each player.

The default starting sanity in each mode, except for custom mode (you can select the starting sanity in the custom mode), is 100, and as you roam in the haunted location and witness ghost activities or events, your sanity drains. In addition, several activities, like using cursed objects, speaking in Spirit Box, staying in the ghost room for a long time, etc., also drain sanity. But the more your sanity gets lower, the more there is the chance to have a ghost hunt, and you may even die during it. Ghosts generally only hunt once the sanity level goes below 50%; of course, there are a few exceptions. Sometimes, ghosts like Banshee, Poltergeist, Moroi, etc., drain the players’ sanity faster.

Phasmophobia Sanity Guide- How to Increase Sanity During the Game

So, increasing your sanity during a game is essential so you can be on the safe side. If your sanity is draining faster, you can return to the van. However, returning to the van stops the sanity-draining process but can’t increase it. To increase sanity in Phasmophobia, players need Sanity Pills. Sanity Pills must be purchased from the in-game shop before starting the map. Phasmophobia doesn’t allow players to purchase anything during the investigation. So, if you are worried about sanity, purchase Sanity Pills. Players can have 4 sanity pills each match, and each of them restores a 40% sanity maximum.

That’s all you need to know about how to increase Sanity in Phasmophobia.


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