What are Ouija Board in Phasmophobia- How it Works

 What are Ouija Board in Phasmophobia- How it Works

Phasmophobia is an investigative horror game where players become ghost-hunters. Maximum 4 players can make a group and enter a haunted house to collect the evidence and determine the ghost type to earn money. Phasmophobia is unique from other horror games because it doesn’t have puzzles or jump scares. Here the atmosphere is horrific, and the ghosts don’t appear suddenly. But like other games, this game also has lots of things that players need to understand to play the game smoothly.

This guide will discuss about Ouija Board in Phasmophobia.

Ouija Board in Phasmophobia- How it Works?

The Ouija Board is a cursed Possession in Phasmophobia that players can use to summon or communicate with the ghost in exchange for their sanity. The Ouija Board’s spawn rate is low and spawns in particular locations. Players can’t hold the Ouija Board like other cursed objects; it can only be interacted with. Players near the board (maximum 3-meter distance) can press LMB to activate the planchette and interact with the board. Once you start asking questions, the ghost will reply to you irrespective of its location, but the questions must be relevant; otherwise, it won’t count.

Ouija Board is a useful version of the Spirit box as you can use both to communicate with the ghost, but in the case of the Ouija Board, the ghost will answer for sure. It can either answer in Yes or No, or write answers on the board. The negative side of the Ouija Board is that it will cost the Sanity of the players. Therefore, before you start questioning a ghost, check the following list to know which questions cost how much sanity-

QuestionsSanity Costs
How old are you?  What is your age?5%
When did you die? How did you die?5%
Are we friends? How do you feel? Why are you here?5%
Any sanity-related questions or Jokes5%
How many people are in the room? Where is the bone? Are you close?20%
Are you here? Do you answer everyone?20%
Questions related to hide and seek25%
Which/Where is your room? Where are you?40%

This list shows you which type of questions cost the most and the less sanity. Try to avoid the questions that drain 40% of sanity. You can ask questions that cost you 5% sanity but don’t ask too many questions of those types; otherwise, it’ll drain a considerable amount of your sanity slowly. Also, the ghost will attack if your sanity is too low. You can ask about the bone location if you are in a big location; otherwise, leave that question. ‘How many people are in the room?’ is an important question to determine if the ghost is also in the same room with you or not.

Choose questions based on your location, sanity level, and situations. Don’t lose too much sanity, or you’ll die in the hands of the ghost.

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