How to Identify a Banshee in Phasmophobia

 How to Identify a Banshee in Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia is a ghost-investigation horror game by Kinetic Games on PC. Since the game was released in 2020, it has earned great popularity worldwide because of its unique features. Thinking about horror games, generally, we expect jump scares, solving puzzles, etc. However, Phasmophobia has none of these. Here, players must set up equipment and collect evidence to identify the ghost type while surviving the ghost hunts. This guide will help you know how you can identify Banshee in Phasmophobia.

Guide to Know About Banshee in Phasmophobia- Signs, and Behavior

Generally, horror games have jumpscares to make the game scary, but Phasmophobia has proved that without jumpscares, games can also be equally scary. In this game, things are pretty random, but as you enter a map, the overall atmosphere and randomness of hunts make the game extremely scary. However, ghosts are divided into more than 20 types in the game, and Banshee is one of them.

If you open the in-game Journal and look for Banshee’s description, it says, ‘The Singing siren, known for attracting its victims through songs….’ However, Banshee is not the only ghost that sings songs, so you need more evidence to confirm the ghost type. If the ghost sings a song while hunting, and you want to confirm whether it is a Banshee, check the following evidence-

  • D.O.T.S Projector
  • Ghost Orb
  • Fingerprints

Besides this evidence, if you have a Parabolic Microphone, you can hear Banshee screaming. Lot more ghosts also do the same, though. Additionally, players can prevent Banshee from hunting for some time with Crucifix and can smudge to escape them. However, smudging and escaping Banshee is only possible when you are the target, and the ghost is chasing you.

Guide to Know About Banshee in Phasmophobia- Signs, and Behavior

Banshee generally drains sanity too fast and focuses on a single player if you are in a team. They start hunting when the target’s Sanity goes below 50%. This target they select even before you enter the haunted location. During the hunt, they ignore other players and chase the primary target as long as they can see their target. However, they are not fast-moving ghosts, so players can hide and run away. Banshee can’t find hidden prey if they can’t see you hiding or your equipment is on.

Until the primary target of Banshee is dead or outside the haunted location, Banshee monitors them and drains their sanity. If the primary target dies or is in the van, Banshee finds a new target and drains their sanity. So, after entering the haunted location, come back to the van a while later to check the players’ sanity. The player with the lowest sanity is the Primary Target of Banshee. Similarly, after the primary target is dead or inside the van, check the next player having the lowest sanity to determine the next target. The notable point is that besides the targets of Banshee, other players don’t lose their sanity that faster.

That’s all you need to know about Banshee in Phasmophobia. Unfortunately, Banshee selects its target randomly, so it is impossible to predict who will be its target. Nightmare mode often features Banshee.


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