How Does Spirit Box Works in Phasmophobia

 How Does Spirit Box Works in Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia is a 2020 ghost-investigation game by Kinetic Games. Initially, the game seems complicated and scary, but the more you play, you will find it interesting, though the scary vibes remain the same. Now, you can’t identify ghosts bare-handed; you need to have some equipment and tools to detect the ghost type. Spirit Box is one of them. This guide will help players know how to use Spirit Box in Phasmophobia.

Guide to Use Spirit Box in Phasmophobia- Possible Questions and Replies

In Phasmophobia, though ghosts never jumpscare players, the randomness of ghost activities, especially hunts, makes things scary. During hunts, if you don’t hide correctly, you’ll die. There are even ghosts like Deogen whom you can loop but can’t hide from it. However, Spirit Box is one of those equipment that players need to check to identify the Ghost type.

In Phasmophobia, there are more or less 24 types of ghosts, and each of them has a different set of evidence. For example, some ghosts give freezing temperatures; some give fingerprints; some provide EMF level 5, etc. Similarly, there are a few ghosts who talk in the Spirit Box. The Spirit Box is equipment (as shown in the below image) that players can use to interact with the ghost.

Guide to Use Spirit Box in Phasmophobia- Possible Questions and Replies

Some ghosts respond to the Spirit Box, but most of them do some paranormal activities. For example, if you shout the ghost’s name, they even start hunting. You can activate the Spirit Box and start interacting with the ghost by pressing ‘V.’ The Spirit Box has frequencies that fluctuate as you talk or paranormal activities happen. Below we have listed a few quests that you can ask the ghost-

  • Are you here?
  • Give us a sign
  • What is your name?
  • What do you want?
  • Are you Friendly?
  • How old are you?
  • Are you male?
  • Are you female?
  • Show yourself
  • Do you want to hunt?
  • Do you want us to leave?
  • Are you close?
  • What is your age?

These are the probable questions you can ask the ghost while in the ghost room. Though you can roam around the entire house with the Spirit Box, it is better to interact inside the ghost room. Some ghosts respond to the Spirit Box, and some don’t. Even some ghosts respond when the player is alone in the house. Below are some responses you may get from the ghost-

  • Attack
  • Behind You
  • Die
  • Old
  • Adult
  • Hate
  • Kill
  • Close

These are the general answers ghost give you in the spirit box. Ghosts like Deogen, Mare, Yokai, Spirit, Wraith, Poltergeist, etc., can interact with Spirit Box. If you get any answer on Spirit Box, that can be counted as evidence, so mark it immediately.

That’s all you need to know about how to use Spirit Box in Phasmophobia.


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