How to Identify Myling in Phasmophobia

 How to Identify Myling in Phasmophobia

Kinetic Games’ masterpiece, Phasmophobia, is an exclusive PC game that remains equally terrifying and interesting, even after 2 years. This game is an exclusive PC game, and the randomness of hunts and aggression of the ghosts make things equally interesting even after playing the game for hundred times. Anyways, if you are looking for help identifying Myling in Phasmophobia, this guide will help you with it.

Guide to Know About Myling in Phasmophobia- Signs and Behavior

Phasmophobia has no jumpscares, but still, the game gives you scary vibes, primarily because of its randomness of things. From cursed objects to ghost-type, no one can predict what you will get. This always makes players curious and scared while playing Phasmophobia.

The game has more than 20 types of ghosts available, and each has its unique set of abilities and evidence. So, when you play Phasmophobia, your main objective is to look for evidence and ghost activities to determine the ghost type. Now, if you are looking for Myling’s identification signs, go through the description part in the Journal that says, ‘A Myling is a very vocal and active ghost. They are rumored to be quiet when hunting their prey.’

These two statements may seem contradictory, as the game doesn’t elaborate on the thing properly. Here, vocal means sounds that you can hear through the Parabolic Microphone. A Parabolic Microphone is equipment in the game that catches unique ghost sounds that players normally can’t hear. Though many ghosts interact in Parabolic Microphone, Myling creates more sounds than others.

However, when it comes to hunting, Myling’s footsteps fade away faster than others. When the ghost is in the 9-meter range, the footsteps become inaudible, but in the 20-meter range, it becomes audible again. So, the ghost seems quiet when it is near you and can even kill you if you are not careful. However, the evidence Myling gives are-

Guide to Know About Myling in Phasmophobia- Signs and Behavior
  • Ghost Writing
  • Fingerprints
  • EMF Level 5

So, as soon as you find the spawn location, set the equipment and check for these evidence if you suspect the ghost to be a Myling. You can use Spirit Box to call the name of the ghost to enrage it and initiate ghost activities. Myling doesn’t chase you at a significant speed, but it is hard to survive if you don’t have a hiding spot near the ghost room.

That’s all you need to know about how to identify Myling in Phasmophobia.


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