How to Identify a Shade in Phasmophobia

 How to Identify a Shade in Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia is undoubtedly one of the most popular virtual ghost-hunting experiences players can have. Released in 2020, this game remains equally thrilling and scary even after 2 years. So if you are looking for a thrilling and scary ghost-hunting experience, Phasmophobia has no alternative. However, while identifying ghosts, players often become confused about which ghost it is. So here we will help you know how you can identify Shade in Phasmophobia.

Guide to Know About Shade in Phasmophobia- Signs, and Behavior

Phasmophobia is one of the best ghost-hunting experiences where ghosts never jumpscare you, but you still feel the scary vibe throughout the game. In this game, things are pretty random, but as you enter a map, the overall atmosphere and randomness of hunts make the game extremely scary. The ghost type and their spawn locations are also random. On the same map, ghosts spawn at different locations at different times.

The game has 24 Ghosts, and Shade is one of them. This ghost is too problematic to identify as it is the most passive ghost. It is even challenging to feel the presence of the ghost near you as it doesn’t initiate hunts or paranormal activities. However, to identify Shade, players need to find the following evidence-

Guide to Know About Shade in Phasmophobia- Signs, and Behavior
  • EMF Level 5
  • Ghost Writing
  • Freezing Temperature

Generally, it is very exhausting to find a Shade as it never speaks in Sprit Box or initiates Ghost Events or Hunts. Shade responds to players alone, and if there are two or more players in a room, Shade doesn’t do any Paranormal activities besides unique sounds near your ears. Even if your sanity is 0, it still won’t hunt if you are not alone in the house. So, using a Cursed Object like Voodoo Doll, Ouija Board, or Tarot Card is useful to force the ghost to do some activities so you can collect evidence.

To confirm if it is a Shade, players can check EMF, Freezing Temperature, and Ghost Writing, though, besides Freezing Temperature, the other two won’t be found easily. However, if you are brave enough to stay in the house while your sanity is low, you can experience a ghost hunt. Otherwise, it will walk around touching items and doors but won’t initiate hunts. Also, players must have average sanity of 35% to make Shade hunt, even if alone. Sometimes, if you get a Summoning Circle, it will be helpful to summon Shade and take a picture of the ghost (if there’s a quest).

That’s all you need to know about how to identify Shade in Phasmophobia. Like other ghosts, players can hide from Shade to survive the hunt. However, unless Flashlight, EMF Sensor, Glowstick, or any other equipment is on, Shade can’t find hidden prey.


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