Fix Phasmophobia Steam Authentication Failed

Phasmophobia is a great game and one of the best horrors from last year. In fact, there isn’t a better horror game released this year and the last. However, the game has its fair share of issue, which is acceptable as it’s an early access game. Recently, a lot of players are reporting the Phasmophobia Steam Authentication Failed. At this time, the most likely cause of this is the Phasmophobia servers being down. If you are getting this error at the time of writing this post, it’s a problem with the server. But, the issue can also be caused by issues with the Steam client. Here are some things you can try to fix the error.

Fix Phasmophobia Steam Authentication Failed

Before you try any of the solutions, it’s important to note that the Phasmophobia servers are down and that’s causing a range of errors for both single player and multiplayer. As the problem is on the server end there is nothing you can do.

You can check the status of the servers by going to Downdetector website. One the website, you can check the comments of the users who have been having similar problems. However, here are some things you can try.

The first solution we suggest is to restart the Steam client. If the game was updated or there was some other changes while the Steam client is open, the changes may not take effect and you could have trouble connecting to the servers. So, restart the Steam client and check if the error occurs.

Try clearing the Cache of the Steam client. Often times, that’s the cause of problems with the game and specifically the Steam Authentication Failed error. To perform the steps, follow this path – Steam > Settings > Downloads tab > CLEAR DOWNLOAD CACHE > Ok and start the game.

Finally, try to repair the game using the VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES. If none of the above steps have helped to resolve the Phasmophobia Steam Authentication Failed error, the problem is most definitely with the server and you need to wait for the developers to resolve the issue.  

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