How to Fix FIFA 23 EA Anti Cheat Error

 How to Fix FIFA 23 EA Anti Cheat Error

FIFA enters in its early access phase. The game is not yet launched officially as currently, the game is available only for a 10-hour trial period exclusively for EA Play and EA Play Pro players before its full release. So, certain errors and bugs are expected including EA Anti Cheat error which is a major obstacle. Because of this error, many players are not able to log in to the game. At the time of writing this post, EA Games has not released any statement officially but there are a few things you can try to resolve it. Let’s learn in this guide how to fix FIFA 23 EA Anti error.

Fixing FIFA 23 EA Anti Cheat Error 

There are a few things you can try to fix the EA Anti-cheat error in FIFA 23. However, before you start the following troubleshooting methods, make sure to try a classic solution. Simply turn off the game client and then turn it on. Most probably the issue should be fixed with this simple and quick method. In case that doesn’t work, try the following other workarounds.

1. Run Applications as Administrator

Some of the players have found that by running the FIFA23.exe file and Origin app as admin and the issue will get resolved. To do that:

1. Go to the desktop and right-click on the Origin app

2. Click on “Run as administrator”

3. Upon asked, select “Yes”

4. And now the app will start running as an administrator

2. Reinstall the Anti-Cheat

1. Click on the EA Anti-Cheat folder which is typically located at C:\Program Files\EA\AC

2. Open up the installer and then uninstall it

3. Once it is done, close down the window and open Origin again

4. Run FIFA 23 and you will be asked to install the anti-cheat

5. Re-install it and it should bypass the error message

That’s all – One of these methods will most likely resolve the issue. Just in case, nothing helped, then your last option is to approach the EA support team and they will assist you further. 

Since this is a widespread issue, developers will surely find a solution very soon. Meanwhile, try all the above methods to enjoy the matches on FIFA 23.

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Update 02 Oct 2022 to Fix EA Anticheat Error in FIFA 23

Currently, the EA AntiCheat Service Encountered an Error issue is under investigation since the issue is widespread and hampers gameplay. For now, you can try out the other tips below to see if it helps solve the problem in FIFA 23.

  • Deactivate Overlays: Disabling overlays like Rivatuner seems to help some players get the game running again. You can check whether Nvidia or Origin overlays are enabled, then disable them.
  • Use Origins Game Launcher: Players who use the EA Application instead of the Origin game launcher are facing issues, so switching to Origins seems to help launch the game.
  • Disable Firewall/Antivirus: Disabling the Firewall and Antivirus, especially disabling the Real-Time Protection in the Antivirus settings, can help bypass the Anti Cheat Error.
  • Enable Secure Boot: Enabling Secure Boot from your BIOS can help with the problem. You can check your motherboard’s manufacturer information to know the procedure.
  • Reinstall the Game: If none of the above worked, you can uninstall and reinstall the game and the game launcher and try again.

Another FIFA 23 player posted a fix that helped them on the EA forums.

  • First, head into the EA folder in Program Files
  • From Program Files, go to AC > EAAntiCheat.Installer
  • Open the file and scroll down till you can find FIFA 23
  • Uninstall FIFA 23 from there
  • Open Origin and run FIFA 23, but the Anti Cheat error will appear
  • Close Origins, run the app as admin, then open Origins again
  • Find and repair FIFA 23, this will form a new AC folder
  • Launch the game to check if it works.

For now, the best solution is to sit back and wait till EA has come up with a solution, and hopefully, it won’t take too long for the EA Anti-Cheat issue to resolve.

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