How to Fix FIFA 23 Lagging, Stuttering, and Low FPS on PC

 How to Fix FIFA 23 Lagging, Stuttering, and Low FPS on PC

FIFA 23 is a great game, but many PC players have been reporting lag issues. If you’re one of them, don’t worry – there are a few things you can do to fix the problem. If you’re a fan of the FIFA video game series, you were probably looking forward to the release of FIFA 23. However, you may be concerned about reports of the game lagging on PC. While this is certainly a cause for concern, there are a few things you can do to fix the issue.

If you are a PC gamer, you know the importance of a smooth and lag-free gaming experience. Unfortunately, many PC gamers have been experiencing lagging issues with the latest FIFA game. In this blog post, we will provide you with a few tips on how to fix FIFA 23 lagging on PC.  Keep reading for more tips on how to fix FIFA 23 lag on PC!

FIFA 23 Stutter, Lag, and Low FPS on PC Fix

In this article, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to fix FIFA 23 lagging on PC. By following these steps, you can improve your game’s performance and avoid any potential issues. Laggy gameplay can result from several factors, including an outdated graphics card, a poor internet connection, or even a problem with the game itself. If you’re experiencing lag in FIFA 23, there are a few things you can do to try and fix it.

We hope that these tips will help you enjoy the game without any lagging issues. If you have any other information or suggestions, feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

Fix Input Delay and Lag with Controller

If you are facing input delay and lag on Xbox and Playstation with your controller, the first fix you should try is to connect the controller using the USB-C cable and not via Bluetooth. Playing the game via Bluetooth causes input days in not just FIFA 23 but many other games.

When it comes to controller support, there is no better client than Steam. Fortunately, Steam also allows you to add non-steam games to the desktop client and play the game. If you have the game on Origin or somewhere else, you can still play it from steam. We have detailed the steps in the controller not working guide. Refer to the first fix in the link.

Another fix you can try for the FIFA 23 input lag and delay is to disconnect the controller when you are in Menu and reconnect it.

Ensure the Resolution is the Same as the Native Resolution

If there is a mismatch between what resolution the game is rendering and the one set on your PC, that could be the reason for the FIFA 23 lag and stutter. You can check the native resolution by going to Windows Setting (Window Key + I) > System > Display >, and you should see the resolution there. Now, go in-game > Settings > Game Settings > Display Configuration and ensure it’s the same as the native resolution.

Turn Off Dynamic Resolution Scale and Play in Fullscreen to Fix FIFA 23 Lag and Stutter

Most of you must already know that if a game is stuttering or lagging, the display mode can play a significant role. Try to play the game in fullscreen and if that does not work, test the other options. Another important thing you should disable is the Dynamic Resolution Scale. This setting alone can make a lot of difference in-game so try it. You can find the settings at Settings > Game Settings > Display Configuration.

Lock refresh rate

It turns out that if you’re playing FIFA with the framerate unlocked and you’re using SLI or another multi-GPU system, you may anticipate some stuttering. You must set the game’s settings to lock the framerate at 60 FPS in order to address this issue. By locking the frame rate at 60 FPS rather than leaving it set to no restriction on fps, a select few gamers have been able to resolve the lag and stuttering errors. By setting this, the game won’t exceed 60 frames per second, allowing it to function smoothly and removing the possibility of frame drops.

Lower resolution and graphics

These problems can be brought on by the game’s resolution and graphical settings, which are set too high for your PC to handle. This may be resolved by adjusting the settings and changing the game’s resolution to that of your display. Setting the resolution of the game to match the resolution of your display and adjusting the graphical settings to ensure that they are not too high for your machine to support are the first steps in resolving this FIFA 23 PC issue. Because your PC can’t handle these high settings, FIFA 23 may lag and stutter.

Disable Vsync

Some users claim that the triple buffering and vertical sync options that are available in the Nvidia Control Panel might potentially contribute to lag and stutter problems. By navigating to the Nvidia Control Panel and turning off these FIFA 23 features, this problem can be resolved. Many impacted gamers have reported that turning off triple buffering and vertical sync in the Nvidia Control Panel helped to resolve their latency and stuttering problems.

Enable Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling

Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling is a Windows feature that allows you to use GPU scheduling to boost the performance of games and reduce latency. You can enable this feature by – Windows Key + I > System > Display > Graphics > click on Change default graphic settings > turn on Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling.

Ensure the Game is Running on Dedicated GPU

Usually, players with two GPUs run into this problem, particularly laptop users. The game does not run on your powerful Nvidia or AMD GPU and instead runs on the integrated GPU with the motherboard, leading to performance problems. The fix is simple, ensure that the game uses the dedicated GPU.

Install the latest GPU drivers

If you’re having trouble playing a recently released game, you should first update your system’s display drivers. The drivers may be installed directly or through Device Manager by downloading them from the manufacturer’s website.




Fixing issues with the temp folder

Another reason for these issues might be that the drive where the hidden temporary files from AppData are stored is overloaded or there is another issue, preventing them from allowing the game to function as it should. You must transfer the temporary files from the installed drive to a different drive with greater available space in order to resolve this. Moving the FIFA 23 temporary folder to a separate partition is one last thing you may attempt to resolve your latency and stuttering issues. You will create some space by doing this, and the problems will go away. However, the TEMP environment variable needs to be changed first.

After trying all of the troubleshooting steps listed above, your FIFA 23 game should now be lag-free. If you’re still experiencing issues, please drop a comment down below for additional help. In conclusion, there are several ways to fix FIFA 23 lag on PC. The most effective method is to lower graphics settings, which can significantly improve your game performance. You can also try other methods such as turning off v-sync, updating your graphics drivers, and reducing the number of background processes.


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  • Cutscenes still stutter. Gameplay is smooth. Using rx570 r5 2600. Ive tried everything i reseted windows. Tell me some tips that should fix please i want to enjoy playing fifa

  • Hey,

    found a solution, the problem is that by default the game is using processor instead of GPU for rendering and all the other graphics stuff. You need to go to Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D settings > Add (browse FIFA folder and select launcher application)

    After that u need to change 3 things in “specify the settings for this program”

    Open GL rendering GPU >>> select your GPU

    Power managment mode >>> Prefer maximum prefomance

    Vertical sync >>> Adaptive ( be careful, DONT choose Adaptive (half refresh rate))

    This helped me a lot, before game looked like PES 2011 and lagged, after this everything is perfect

    Hope it works 🙂

    • Thanks ViksPiks. This also worked for me! In addition, i changed my TEMP folder to another SSD with more free space. I posted your solution in EA forums. Hope this can help other players =)

    • Stupid that it doesn’t already have the Nvidia settings set up at launch, and that we have to make a custom set-up just for this game. Never seen any other AAA game so unorganised at launch. Anyway, these tips helped a lot though I still get frame drops to sub-30 fps during the replays so I’m going to have to play with the detail settings a bit more, At least the matches are kind of playable now.

  • playing on pc 5800x 3080 32gb ram i can play 1-3 hours no problem but out of nothing ingame my game goes black screen fans are runnig on max power and i can still hear my music and discord only thing i can do is hard reset the pc on the power button only happens in fifa so i think its software related on fifa.. im using the ea app to play the game… terrible realese but thats not new for ea and fifa

  • le jeu lag a mort , l’audi lag a mort , et c’est clairement pas un probleme de config (3090ti , i7 12700kf , 32go de ram

  • For some reason my pc shuts down arter playing fifa for 2-6 minutes. I’ve tried updating graphic drivers, reinstalling the game and EA AC, running game/origin as administrator and Even updating to Windows 11.

    • Did you find a solution to that? Got exactly the same problem, are you running an AMD GPU too?

  • Nothing works and now I’ve spent 70€ on this whack game. What do I even do? I can’t refund it cause I had it for 48 hours and for some reason it lags the living shit out of my computer.

    • Heb precies hetzelfde moeten we dan echt wachten op de patch?

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