How to Defeat Zanzo in Hi-Fi Rush

Antara B
Antara B

Hi-Fi Rush is a rhythm-based action game, and it is impossible to play an action game without powerful bosses. So, you’ll get several enemies and challenging bosses throughout the game, and Zanzo is one of the initial bosses you face during your journey. Though it is not very hard to defeat him, it will surely be a little confusing. So, this guide will help you know how to beat Zanzo in Hi-Fi Rush.

Tips to Beat Zanzo in Hi-Fi Rush- How to Do?

Bosses are the most common thing to find in action games, and Hi-Fi Rush is no exception. Though rhythm-based action game is a comparatively new genre, players still love to fight bosses in every action game. However, if you have been fighting Zanzo, and get stuck in the fight, go through our guide to necessary tips to complete the battle and defeat Zanzo.

Zanzo’s fight won’t take long as the boss himself doesn’t fight but prepares expensive challenges for the players and drains his budget himself. First, he sent PGR-0101. This robot has a shield that Macaron can easily break, and once the shield is broken, Chai can deal damage to him. After this robot, a few more robots come with some drones. Defeat them using Macaron and Peppermint’s help to progress towards the next stage.

Next, you’ll be taken to a firey arena with lava and volcanos everywhere. Roam through the area using the Ziplines and avoid the lava balls. The lava ball doesn’t randomly fall upon you; instead, there will be a green circle to indicate where the lava ball will appear. Try to avoid those circles to be safe.

Tips to Beat Zanzo in Hi-Fi Rush- How to Do

Once you reach the platform, Zanzo will throw the gift basket to the lava, and PGR-0101 will bring down the platform. There will be another set of fights with robots that Chai needs to complete with Peppermint and Macaron’s help. Keep hitting the robots and use your Special attacks when it’s available. For the entire fight, that’s the only strategy Chai needs to follow.

Tips to Beat Zanzo in Hi-Fi Rush- How to Do

During these fights, make sure to watch out for the lava balls. They will land on the green spots, so avoid those circles while fighting. Once all the robots have been taken care of, next appears the lens that Chai and Macaron will break to reach Zanzo.

Tips to Beat Zanzo in Hi-Fi Rush- How to Do

Zanzo will inform that he’s making the giant robot of the world, but the robot can’t be completed because his budget will be over before the head is set. A cutscene will appear where the angry Zanzo attacks Chai, and Chai hits him hard to beat him. Once Zanzo is defeated, they will get the USB they are looking for.

That’s all you need to know about how to defeat Zanzo in Hi-Fi Rush. Though he is not the strongest boss in the game, we recommend not taking him lightly.

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