How to Defeat Rekka in Hi-Fi Rush

Anjali Patel
Anjali Patel

The rhythm-action game Hi-Fi Rush, developed by Bethesda Softworks, allows players to move according to the music. Since actions line up with the music, players do not need to attack, evade, and parry out of rhythm.

As you take on the business, Chai will have to face five departments with five different bosses, each with their own unique area and playlist. After completing each department, you will be pitted against the boss. One of the bosses is Rekka. Let’s see in this guide how to defeat Rekka in Hi-Fi Rush. 

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How to Defeat Rekka in Hi-Fi Rush?

There are four phases to defeat Rekka in Hi-Fi Rush. She is the second and most powerful boss in Hi-Fi Rush. It is important for players to carefully move around this Head of Production boss during her struggle, causing as much damage as possible.

To defeat Rekka in Hi-Fi Rush, follow the below steps:

  • The initial phase of the game involves short-range dash attacks from Rekka. It is important to avoid getting hit by Rekka’s attacks marked by red and green beacons and sidestep them. 
  • During the charge up phase of the fight, Rekka will throw attacks at you. Get behind her and attack as much as you can. Players can also summon Peppermint to assist them.
  • During the second phase, Rekka will charge herself with a high-voltage electrical cable. Avoid assaulting her at this time, and rather wait for an opening when she comes out of her electric state.
  • The electric shield that protects Rekka will only be breached twice by Peppermint’s attacks. In order to breach the shield, Peppermint must interrupt her strikes twice.
  • After Rekka reaches half health, she’ll start ripping pipes off the wall and shooting shockwaves at you. You need to dodge these waves by moving around.
  • Once she’s done, she’ll try to dash grab Chai. Dodge twice to avoid being smacked by these immense arms.
  • As a melee weapon, Rekka uses the pipes in the last part of this phase. This section can be completed with any standard combo or dodge.
  • In the last phase once again, she will grab pipes from the walls and spin them in your direction. Try dodging these attacks since they can significantly deplete your health.
  • Moreover, Rekka’s other attack is quite obvious. She will raise her arms in the area, creating a circle on the ground where she will attack you. Stay away from this circle to avoid the assault.
  • A final strike will bring an end to the conflict when Rekka’s health reaches zero, as represented by the stars surrounding her head.

This concludes our guide on how to defeat Rekka in Hi-Fi Rush. Make sure to check all our Hi-Fi Rush guides so that you don’t get stuck anywhere in this exciting game. 

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