Can You Pet the Cat in Hi-Fi Rush?

Anjali Patel
Anjali Patel

The rhythm-action game Hi-Fi Rush, developed by Bethesda Softworks, allows players to move according to the music. Since actions line up with the music, players do not need to attack, evade, and parry out of rhythm. As the wannabe rockstar Chai, players must beat the game’s music in order to make the whole world pulse rhythmically. When Chai’s cat buddy is not busy thwacking robotic thugs, there is time to relax. Let’s see in this guide if you can pet the cat in Hi-Fi Rush or not.


Can You Pet the Cat in Hi-Fi Rush?

It is possible to pet Chai’s robotic cat in Hi-Fi Rush. She is named 808, and she will help Chai fight by changing into a portable speaker as he battles. You can match attacks to maximum damage with the 808 by keeping the beat to ensure your hits land on time, functioning as a metronome.

Following the first stage, Chai is taken to a hideout, where he fights QA-1MIL In this hideout, you can learn new moves, and super attacks, and, luckily for animal lovers, hang out with 808 the robot-kitty. The sofa in the middle of the hideaway offers players a chance to move on to the next stage, listen to Chai’s inner thoughts, or play with 808.

Can You Pet the Cat in Hi-Fi Rush

A small animation will play of Chai patting 808 when you select the final choice. In addition, connecting with 808 in this way will earn you an achievement worth 5 Gamerscore, but it will result in the achievement “You can pet the cat!”

This concludes our guide on whether you can pet the cat in Hi-Fi Rush. Make sure to check all our Hi-Fi Rush guides so that you don’t get stuck anywhere in this exciting game. 

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