All Collectibles in Hi-Fi Rush

Anjali Patel
Anjali Patel

The rhythm-action game Hi-Fi Rush, developed by Bethesda Softworks, allows players to move according to the music. Since actions line up with the music, players do not need to attack, evade, and parry out of rhythm. Playing Chai, you take control of a rocker who awoke with a metal arm and a music player trapped inside his heart due to medical misconduct in Hi-Fi Rush. 

When he travels through this colourful landscape, he’ll find much more than robots; he’ll also discover a lot of collectibles in Hi-Fi Rush. Let’s see in this guide the list of all collectibles in Hi-Fi Rush.


All Collectibles in Hi-Fi Rush

A lot of collectibles in Hi-Fi Rush can be found, some of which increase your numbers, while others provide more information about the strange environment you find yourself in.

Here are all the collectibles in Hi-Fi Rush:

Broken Armstrong Circuit

The Broken Armstrong Circuit can be used to create equipable chips for Chai’s abilities. Gears and circuits enable you to create new chips in the store.

Life Gauge

The Life Gauge is a piece of Vandelay power core that can increase maximum health. Collecting four pieces will restore it and increase Chai’s health.

Vandelay Vlog

The game contains 74 Vandelay Vlogs, which provide further insight into the planet and its people. 

Electric Reverb Core

Electric Reverb Core is a broken part of Vandelay’s prototype Electric Booster. Collecting four pieces will create a complete Reverb Core and increase Chai’s Reverb Gauge by one section.


Paintings on the wall and 24 in total to collect.

Health Tank

The Health Tank is a broken piece. If repaired with five pieces, it can store energy drinks and kickstart Chai back to health when he’s knocked out in a battle.

This concludes our guide on all collectibles in Hi-Fi Rush. Make sure to check all our Hi-Fi Rush guides so that you don’t get stuck anywhere in this exciting game. 

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