List of All Chapters in Hi-Fi Rush

Anjali Patel
Anjali Patel

Bethesda Softworks developed the rhythm-action game Hi-Fi Rush for Windows and Xbox Series X/S platforms. In this game, Chai and his enemies move according to the music. Since actions line up with the music, it is not necessary to attack, evade, and parry on rhythm. You will have to fight robots in various levels of the Vandelay Corporation as you accompany Chai on his adventure. So let’s find out the list of all chapters in Hi-Fi Rush in this guide.


List of All Chapters in Hi-Fi Rush

List of All Chapters in Hi-Fi Rush

The 12 chapters in Hi-Fi Rush, known as tracks distinct choruses that represent the main conflicts and checkpoints in each chapter. Despite its name, Hi-Fi Rush does not conclude every level with a boss fight. There are six main bosses to defeat.

Here’s the list of all chapters in Hi-Fi Rush:

  • Track 1: A Fresh Start
  • Track 2: Power Up
  • Track 3: Trail by (Volcanic) Fire
  • Track 4: Less Budget, More Problems
  • Track 5: Breakin’ Out
  • Track 6: L.I.F.T. Me Up
  • Track 7: The Climb
  • Track 8: A History Lesson
  • Track 9: Take the Stage
  • Track 10: A Masterplan
  • Track 11: The Needle Drop
  • Track 12: Curate the Future

This concludes our guide on the list of all chapters in Hi-Fi Rush. Make sure to check all our Hi-Fi Rush guides so that you don’t get stuck anywhere in this exciting game. 

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