All Difficulty Level and Difficulty Achievements List in Hi-Fi Rush

Antara B
Antara B

Hi-Fi Rush is a unique action game released on 25th January 2023. We call it unique because of its rhythm-based actions. The story revolves around Chai, the protagonist of the game, and his friends fighting and defeating the members related to the surgery of the Robotic Arm. However, while playing a game, players always have different preferences regarding difficulty levels, and almost every game provides players with different difficulty options to try, including Hi-Fi Rush.

So, this guide will discuss about the difficulty levels in the game and the difficulty achievements.

How Many Difficulty Level Hi-Fi-Rush Provide- All Difficulty Achievement Explained

Difficulty levels are common in video games, and generally, every video game has a few difficulty levels that players can select based on their skills. Of course, H-Fi-Rush is no exception. In this game, the protagonist is a self-declared rock star who voluntarily joins in a robotic arm surgery, but things go wrong. Chai can now sense the rhythm of the world and every action he does has a specific rhythm.

The game is fun and enjoyable, but it depends on the difficulty level you are playing the game. The game has five different difficulty levels-

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Very Hard.
  • Rhythm Master
How Many Difficulty Level Hi-Fi-Rush Provide- All Difficulty Achievement Explained

It is clear that Easy is the most basic gameplay. Here players can turn on Auto-Action. Received Damage and Enemy Health are all low, while the healing items will be found frequently. The Rhythm Timing is also Loose. Coming to Normal Difficulty, players will get Rhythm Timing, Received Damage, and Enemy Health Normal. Of course, it will be a little bit harder than Easy Difficulty. Next comes the Hard Difficulty level, where players will get Rhythm Timing and Enemy Health normal but Received Damage will be a bit high. Finally, in Very Hard Difficulty, players will get Rhythm Timing, Enemy Health, and Received Damage to their highest. This difficulty level is the actual test for players’ skills. Coming to Rhythm Master Difficulty, this can’t be accessed without completing the main story.

Now that you have got about the difficulty levels let me tell you about the Achievements you can get in every difficulty level. Below we have made a chart you can check to get all the Difficulty Achievements-

Achievement NameHow to Get
Easy ListeningComplete every level on Easy Difficulty to finish the game.
Well that was a Rush!Complete every level on Normal Difficulty to finish the game.
I think I deserve some praise, here!Complete every level on Hard Difficulty to finish the game.
And the crowd goes wild!Complete every level on Very Hard Difficulty to finish the game.
Didn’t skip a beat!Complete every level on Rhythm Master Difficulty to finish the game.

These are the Difficulty levels and achievements you can get by completing the game at specific difficulty levels.


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