How to Skip Cutscenes in Hi-Fi Rush

Antara B
Antara B

Hi-Fi Rush was released a few days back, and players have jumped into this game to explore every other feature. However, cutscenes are nothing new to you if you are a video game player. Almost every game gets one or two cutscenes; some get more, though. Similarly, H-Fi Rush has a few cutscenes; if you think they are annoying and time-consuming, you can skip them in the game. This guide will help you know how you can skip cutscenes in Hi-Fi Rush.

Guide to Skip Cutscene in Hi-Fi-Rush- How to Do?

Hi-Fi Rush is one of the latest rhythm-based action games by Bethesda, and in this game, the main attraction is its rhythm-based actions. The protagonist of the game, Chai, is a self-proclaimed Superstar who becomes a victim of an evil corporation and gets a robotic arm that can sense the rhythm of the world.

From the beginning of the game, Hi-Fi Rush will give players cutscenes, and in most cases, players don’t like cutscenes. Though sometimes cutscenes are essential to track the plot, or the conversation between the characters during a cutscene help players understand what’s going to happen next, mostly player want to skip these scenes.

Guide to Skip Cutscene in Hi-Fi-Rush- How to Do

In Hi-Fi Rush also, there are cutscenes that seem pointless while watching them, so if you don’t want to watch the cutscenes anymore, follow the below methods to skip cutscenes on your respective consoles-

  • For PC players, press and hold the ‘Q’ button on your keyboard
  • For Xbox players, press and hold the ‘B’ button

These are the ways you can skip cutscenes in Hi-Fi Rush if you don’t want to watch them. Once you press the respective buttons, a meter will appear, and as you hold the buttons, the meter will fill. Once it fills up totally, the cutscene will be skipped. However, remember, the introduction can’t be skipped. No matter how much you feel bored, you must watch the entire introduction to start your journey with Chai. Once the action of the game starts, you can skip the cutscenes.

That’s all you need to know about how to skip cutscenes in Hi-Fi Rush. However, we recommend not skipping all the cutscenes as sometimes these cutscenes give you a few information you can use while progressing further.

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