How to Defeat Kundry Kahn, The Drowned Behemoth in Salt and Sacrifice

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Kundry Kahn, the Drowned Behemoth, is the last of the Mages you will encounter while on your journey through Ashbourne Village. In this guide, we will see how to defeat him in Salt and Sacrifice.

How to Defeat Kundry Kahn, The Drowned Behemoth in Salt and Sacrifice

You can first come across his mage hunt while exploring the eastern Obelisk in Ashbourne Village. Here we will see how to defeat Kundry Kahn in Salt and Sacrifice.

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While you may have been successful with getting rid of all the previous mages, Kundry Kahn is not like the others. He has four powerful moves, and some of them are AoE, that he won’t be afraid to use on you. He has four minions to help him in his boss battle, namely the Burnt Skallin, Hydropod, Krayark, and the Panphibian.

  • Kundry Kahn’s choice of weapon is his staff, which he isn’t afraid to slam on the ground from time to time. This creates a shockwave that will knock you down but can be dodged if you go through his legs.
  • You will have a small window to put in some hits while dodging through Kundry Kahn’s legs, as you can get behind him and hit him.
  • He will also summon Geysers at random that will spawn and burst with water pillars after a short while. These pillars of water will drop your health down drastically, so avoid it by dodging and rolling away.
  • He can summon a Homing Bubble that will gain traction when near the ground. You can avoid it by facing it head-on and dodging through the bubble early on to pop it, or face it and jump over it while running to avoid its hitbox.
  • If you are close to him after bursting or jumping over the Homing Bubble, you can manage to put in one hit on him.
  • Kundry Kahn can make rain bubbles that will cause slight damage if it hits you. Move or dodge to avoid them.
  • You can also try to get close to him during his Bubble Storm and attack him while dodging the bubbles.
  • Kundry Kahn has really small openings to place your attacks, and you will have to be wary of his attacks that will follow in quick succession. Whenever you manage to get close to him is the optimal time to put in one or two slashes.

After defeating him, you will get a handful of rewards, such as 1,625 Salt, 250 Silver, Voidepyr (10%), Forspyr (10%), Deep Drop (50%), Waterlogged Organ (50%), Weeping Gland (50%), and Drowned Heart (50%)

That’s all there is to know about Kundry Kahn, The Drowned Behemoth in Salt and Sacrifice. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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