How to Defeat Arzhan-Tin, The Ceaseless Fury in Salt and Sacrifice

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You’ll begin Salt and Sacrifice’s first Mage Hunt not long after exploring Ashbourne Village and confronting Uryks Necklace-of-Ears. The Mages are the major antagonists in this game, and there is an army of them. Arzhan-Tin The first is the Ceaseless Fury, and his pyromancer talents will fry you if you aren’t cautious. Here’s how to dispatch your first Mage.

The quest for Arzhan-Tin begins at the gatehouse that serves as Ashbourne Village’s entryway. To get entry to this gatehouse, fight Uryks Necklace-Of-Ears, obtain the Grappling Hook, then go up to Ashbourne Village through Craterstone Mine.

Once you’ve begun the search, proceed east out of the gatehouse to see him attacking some of the local creatures. After a few attacks, he’ll begin teleporting away from you, first through Craterstone Mine and then into Greymoss Mire.

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How to Beat Arzhan-Tin, The Ceaseless Fury in Salt and Sacrifice

Arzhan-Tin, like other bosses in the game, has attack choices at any distance between the player and himself. He can cast flames that erupt from the ground in columns from a considerable distance – check for the glowing patches on the ground and avoid standing on them to be healthy. He can also launch a swarm of fireballs throughout the arena. These move slowly enough that a dodge roll through them isn’t too difficult to time.

Arzhan-Tin can spray a trail of fire in an arc straight in front of him from a medium distance, and you have two choices for avoiding it. Go for it if you can duck through him and attack from behind – the fire path is sluggish, giving you plenty of time to respond. If you aren’t close enough, roll back and wait for the heat to go away. Finally, when you’re in close quarters, Arzhan-Tin will swing his blade. You can evade the swipes by rolling in either direction, but it’s best to go behind him and go on the attack.

Arzhan-Tin is the first Mage, yet he remains a test. His fiery assaults are extremely predictable, so as long as you’re not greedy, you should be OK. Attack whenever you can, and the rage will subside.

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