Salt and Sacrifice

Salt and Sacrifice – All Crimes in the Game and What They Mean

Salt and Sacrifice – All Crimes in the Game and What They Mean

In the character menu, you will find an option to select your preferred crime, and along with it, you will receive some items. In this guide, we will see all the crimes that you can select in Salt and Sacrifice.

Salt and Sacrifice – All Crimes in the Game and What They Mean

There are 12 crimes that you can choose while playing Salt and Sacrifice, and for each crime, you will get your starting items. Here we will see what the crimes that you can select are and what items you will get from it in Salt and Sacrifice.

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For those who are familiar with how keepsakes and gifts work in the Souls series, crimes are similar. You will have to select your preferred crime at the start of the game, and with any crime you select, you will get specific items. Below are all the crimes and items that you will get in Salt and Sacrifice.

AlchemyPhlogiston Decoction (x3)Throwable item, deals Fire damage
ArsonFire Bomb (x5)Explosive Throwable
BlasphemyCenser of HarmonyCan be used in multiplayer to direct creatures to attack any hostile invaders.
BrigandryCutthroat’s DaggerCharm – Increases Max Stamina
DrunkennessCracked Wineskin (x5)Consumable item
ForgeryForged DeedCan be used on Shopkeeper Arnald to sell a house
HeresyKrine TabletSpecial item belonging to Krine, the Judging God
LasciviousnessLock of HairAs the name suggests, used as a keepsake
SmugglingSignal LanternMade of brass, this signal lantern relies on small burst of flames and concentrated quicklime to work
SumptuousnessSignet RingA Charm used by noble families
UsuryBag of SilverGrants 1,000 Silver
VagrancyWooden DollA regular wooden doll.

Crimes are not co-related to the gameplay much, but the items you get from selecting your crime will help you out. Crimes like Alchemy, Usury, and Arson, can give you starting items that you can use on your journey.

That’s all there is to know about crimes and what they mean in Salt and Sacrifice. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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