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Fix Modern Warfare 2 Recon By Fire Mission Bugs

Modern Warfare 2’s campaign missions have their fair share of bugs, where players are reporting crashing and freezing issues while playing any of the missions. While most of the problems go away on their own after a quick restart, some of them are more persistent. One of the more common bugs occur during the Recon by Fire campaign mission, where players report getting stuck, audio issues, or any of the NPCs causing havoc. In this guide we will see how to fix all Recon by Fire mission bugs in Modern Warfare 2. 

Fix Modern Warfare 2 Recon By Fire Mission Bugs

The Recon by Fire mission seems to be the most bugged campaign mission currently, and here we will take a look at all the mission bugs and how to fix them in Modern Warfare 2.

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Below are all the bugs currently plaguing players in the Recon by Fire mission.

Bug/ IssueRecommended Fix
Mission not progressing after clearing out the house/ Shows No ObjectiveHead back to the living quarters and interact with the washing machine.
Patrol Guards not leaving the areaFollow this guide
Audio Issues/ No AudioRestart the mission and restart the system
Check if headphone options are enabled in the game and the system
Check headphone quality
Game crashed at mission launchPC – Follow this and this guide
Xbox – Follow this guide
Progression stopped mid-missionDon’t stray far from Price and follow the checkpoints with him
Follow objectives
Enemies respawning after combatRestart mission
Change combat tactic
Leave and return to the location at a later time
Objective stuck at eliminating all guardsRestart mission
Scan the area thoroughly for hidden enemies
Price gets stuck while heading to the lighthouseKeep moving without Price and he will soon follow.
Restart mission
Stuck at securing the warehouse/ Cannot open crateLeave the location and come back

That’s all there is to know about the Recon by Fire mission and all bugs with recommended fixes in Modern Warfare 2. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well. 

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    1. Another bug- says ‘search’ in the garage right above the crates but there isn’t anything to search. If you keep shooting price till it says ‘friendly fire will not be tolerated’ it then will bring you back to you’re last check point after clearing the buildings, the prompt will then appear

      1. Thanks for the tip!

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