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Fix God of War Not Enough Available Memory Error on PC

Fix God of War Not Enough Available Memory Error on PC

God of War is finally released on PC after 4 years of its initial release on PS4. Players are already started playing the game. Despite an old game that many players have already played, the initial crowd is not bad. But after a few hours of its release, God of War is already showing some bugs and errors. Players are already complaining that God of War is crashing on PC and giving them a notification, saying, “Error: Not enough available memory.”

This error is bothering the players, and they are getting angry because God of War was launched only a few hours ago, and it is already showing errors and preventing them from playing the game.

Though there are fixes available to solve this problem, then also it is indeed annoying. If you face the same problem, except for waiting for the developers to fix it, you can try the fixes we recommend in this guide to fix the error on your own.

Fix Not Enough Available Memory Error in God of War

Crashing and black screen are the two most common problems of PC games. Unfortunately, though they are annoying, they are kind of unavoidable. For God of War’s “Not enough available memory” error, a Steam user has given a solution, and many other users have confirmed that it worked for them. Therefore, we are also suggesting the solution to fix the error.

According to that user, this memory error can be solved by disabling the onboard graphics of the Motherboard. Once you disable the onboard graphics, your game automatically runs on the Dedicated GPU. To disable your Onboard graphics, follow the below steps-

  • Right-Click on the Window icon on your screen
  • Go to Device Manager
  • Click on Display adapters
  • Right-click on the Onboard graphics
  • Disable (right-click)
  • Get back and open Steam again

Another option is to go to Nvidia or AMD (the one you use) and update your Graphics Driver for your God of War to the latest one. For AMD users, it’ll be Adrenalin 22.1.1 Optional Driver, and for Nvidia users, it’ll be v511.23. These drivers support God of War perfectly.

These are the two available fixes for the God of War “Error: Not enough available memory.” The developers haven’t given any solution. Therefore, in the meantime, if you face an error and can’t play the game, try these methods to fix the problem. Like others, it may also solve your problem.

Update: 18 Jan 22

Finally, the developers have acknowledged the issue and said, “ …majority of these were happening to people with new 12th Gen Intel CPUs with integrated graphics and that disabling the graphics card allowed people to work around the issue.” Now, they have finally given a solution to this issue by setting up a separate branch on Steam, named “Experimental,” to allow the players to download the hotfix. Below we will give you the steps to get to the Experimental Branch-

  1. Open Steam Library
  2. Right-click on God of War
  3. Go to Properties
  4. Select the BETAS tab
  5. Now, Choose ‘Experimental’ in the drop-down menu.

That’s all you need to do to access the Experimental branch. If you don’t see the option of Experimental in the drop-down, restart Steam. Then, to return to your default branch, follow the process mentioned above once again, only select ‘None’ in the drop-down.

Though the developers have given the solution, they warned the players that this build might have instability problems. They are still working on it to fix the issues. Therefore, if you are willing to try it regardless of other issues it may cause, follow the steps mentioned above and go to the Experimental Branch to download the hotfix and solve the God of War “Error: Not enough available memory.”

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