How to Get to Niflheim in God of War | Niflheim Cipher Locations Guide

In God of War, Niflheim Cipher Pieces are scattered all around the game, which lets you unlock the Niflheim Realm upon collecting those Ciphers. After finding all the Niflheim Cipher pieces you can take them to the chamber in Tyr’s Temple to unlock and explore the new realm – Niflheim.

But finding those Cipher pieces is not that easy, as they are scattered all around Midguard, and you will have to search carefully to find them.

Where to find Niflheim Cipher Pieces in Midguard?

There are a total of seven Niflheim Cipher Pieces that you can find, but you require just four to unlock the Niflheim Travel Rune. Here are the locations of the four Niflheim Cipher Pieces.

Ruins of the Ancient

To get to the Ruins of the Ancient you need to travel to the Northwest most part of the Lake. There you’ll have to fight the Soul Devourer Ancient, the Strongest of the Ancient minibosses.

After beating the Ancient, look out for a pillar near the cliff, there will be a chest next to it in which you’ll find one of the Niflheim Cipher.

Shores of the Nine

In the Northeast part of Lake nine, you will find the Alfheim tower, which is next to the beach. You can dock your boat on the beach.

After docking, you’ll have to climb a ledge and then climb one more ledge on the left and destroy 2 red crystals, which will burst out the rocks blocking the way to the chest.

Then go down the ledge and walk to the place which you unblocked, there you will find another Niflheim Cipher piece.

The Mountain

On the Northwest side from the top of the Mountain, you will see a Ledge, climb down through it. After that, you will find another ledge, climb down that ledge also, and will find the chest. Unlock it to get your next Niflheim Cipher piece.

The Lookout Tower

You’ll find the Lookout Tower at the southern part of Lake of Nine, there you can dock at the beach. After docking, walk to the right side and there you’ll find the final chest in which you will find the Last Niflheim Cipher piece.

After finding the Niflheim Cipher pieces return to the Realm travel room to unlock Niflheim.

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