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Best Enchantments in God of War

Best Enchantments in God of War

Kratos and Atreus’ journey through God of War will get more challenging as you progress through the storyline. As well as having a powerful armor that will give your stats a boost, you will also require some enchantments, which you will get along the way. In this guide, we will see what the best enchantments are that you can use in God of War.

Best Enchantments in God of War

In the game, the armor pieces have gem sockets that you can use to apply various enchantments. Enchantments help with boosting stats, giving new abilities, and a lot more to help you in your journey in God of War. You can equip a total of 9 enchantments on your armor, and although it may seem like all the enchantments that are available in God of War are something you would like to use, not all of them are worth your time. Here we will see what the best enchantments are that you should equip on your armor in God of War.

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Tyr’s Shard (Epic)

Completing all the quests in Waywards Spirits in Midgard will reward you with Tyr’s Shard. Tyr’s Shard will increase all your stats by 6 and your luck by 10, thus helping you farm more XP and Hacksilver.

The Scale of the Mighty (Epic)

After you have completed the Fire of Reginn’s Favor, you will be rewarded with the Scale of the Mighty. The Scale of the Mighty will give you +8 Vitality and Runic, and you will also get a chance to get a boost in health and strength when you are low on health.

Heart of Valkyrie (Epic)

Defeat any of the Valkyrie bosses to get the Heart of Valkyrie. The Heart of Valkyrie increases cool down, defense, vitality, and runic attacks by 8 each. It also gives you a 50% resistance to all status effects, with each hit activating the Protection of Valkyrie buff. You will have a better chance of getting the Heart of Valkyrie after defeating Hildr in Niflheim.

Eye of the Winged Chosen (Epic)

Defeat Eir the Valkyrie at The Mountain in Midgard to get Eye of the Winged Chosen. This enchantment will give you +13 cool down as well as the speed evasion perk, which will make Kratos evade much faster and also get a burst of speed.

Ivaldi’s Corrupted Mind (Epic)

Travel to the Lake of Light in Alfheim and kill the Valkyrie Olrun to get Ivaldi’s Corrupted Mind enchantment. This will give you +12 defense and +6 runic, strength, and vitality, as well as weakening all the enemies within a 15-meter radius.

Heart of Vanaheim (Epic)

The Heart of Vanaheim Enchantment might only give you +4 in strength and cool down, but it has a moderate perk for runic, defense, and strength when you hit an enemy. The Heart of Vanaheim can be earned when you defeat the Valkyrie Geirdriful found at the Foothills.

Eye of the Outer Realm (Epic)

Equipping this enchantment will grant Kratos with +7 points to all the stats. The Eye of the Outer Realm can be found in the Hidden Chamber of Odin’s Coffin when you go up the stairs to the Wildwoods or Foothills.

Njord’s Temporal Stone (Epic)

After defeating the Valkyrie Queen Sigrun in the High Council, you can get Njord’s Temporal Stone. This enchantment increases the cooldown by 12 and increases runic and luck by +6. It also gives you the chance of slowing down your enemies when you get hit.

Mark of the Element (Epic)

Complete the Hail to the King Side Quest and you can find the Mark of the Element in Konunsgard’s Stronghold. The Mark of the Elements can be stacked up to 21%, so there is more to be found and gives you a 7% increase in gaining Immolation or Permafrost. It also gives +10 runic upon equipping.

Andvari’s Soul (Epic)

Meet up with Brok the dwarf blacksmith to get the Deux Ex Malachite favor. After completion, you will get Andvari’s Soul. Andvari’s Soul will increase runic attacks by +6 and cool down by +8. You will also get a health burst if you are successful in killing your enemies using any weapon that has a runic attack.

Muspelheim’s Eye of Power

The Muspelheim’s Eye of Power gives you increased resistance to burn damage by 20%, and can be stacked to give you up to 85% max. You also get an added +10 to vitality, strength, and defense. You can get Muspelheim’s eye of Power from the dwarves’ shop in Muspelheim.

Stone of Frost Supremacy (Legendary)

Complete Njord’s Oarsmen Treasure Map Challenge to get the Stone of Frost Supremacy. The Stone of Frost Supremacy will increase ice damage infliction by 25%, and stacking it will give you 50%. You will also get +5 runic.

Shard of the Elements (Legendary)

Shard of the Elements will grant the wearer Protection of the Bi-Frost perk, which will grant 25% protection against all status ailments. Status ailments include burn, blind, poison, frost, and daze. Slotting it in the Ancient Armor Set will give you an additional 85%. You will also get +5 vitality. To get the Shard of the Elements, travel to Landsuther mines and check out the red coffin treasure chests, after the Traveler’s battle.

These are all the best enchantments that you can find in God of War. These enchantments will help you improve your stats drastically and will make the gameplay experience easier.

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