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How to Make Multiple Game Saves in God of War

How to Make Multiple Game Saves in God of War

God of war is one of the most renowned action-adventure games of recent times that has pleased the players with its storytelling, graphics quality, combat mechanisms, etc. Players are satisfied with the gameplay experience of God of War, but the only thing that is not satisfactory is the game save feature of God of War.

In God of War, both autosave and manual save options are available. This guide will help you know which save is helpful if you want to save multiple games in God of War.

How do Multiple Game Save Work in God of War?- Saving Multiple Game Files

God of War has autosave and manually save both options available. Autosave saves the progress of a particular God of War game when players reach a checkpoint. But the only problem is, when you start a new game, your old saved progress will be lost. Through autosave mode, you can’t save multiple games in God of War.

If you want to save multiple games, you have to save them manually. It is not a complicated process. Instead, it is a straightforward and quick process. Follow the below steps to save a game manually in God of War

  • Go to the Pause Menu
  • Select the Options
  • Go to Save and Create a new Manual Save
  • Save your game.

If you manually save a game file, your progress will never be lost or overwritten until you make the changes in it. But in the case of manual save, you have to save your game every time you start a new game.

That’s all you need to know about how to save multiple games in God of War. However, if you have faced the lost progress kind of problem while trying to save multiple games through autosave, check out our guide to know how you can use manual save to get rid of this problem.

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