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How to Defeat Revenants in God of War

How to Defeat Revenants in God of War

After 4 years of its release on PlayStation, God of War finally came to PC, and the number of players playing the game since its release on PC is not bad. However, the number is lower than other games because God of War is an old game that many had already played on PS4 and PS5.

Throughout the game, players need to fight with several enemies. Some are optional, like Valkyries, and some are mandatory to fight to progress through the main story. Revenants are one of the most hard-to-defeat enemies. They are covered in a poisonous mist, not affected by physical attacks.

It is definitely a difficult and long fight, and this guide will help you know the method of defeating Revenants in God of War.

How to Beat Revenants in God of War

 Revenants are some of the most challenging opponents Kratos and Atreus face during their journey. They fly at high speed and apply poisonous effects. The first Revenants are the basic ones you can defeat with some effort, but these fights teach you the strategies to fight with the difficult ones.

Atreus is especially helpful while fighting with Revenants. While the Revenants are inside the mist, Kratos can’t attack them; at that time, Atreus can use his arrow to clear the mist and do some damage.

The best way to defeat a Revenant is to stun and attack. The shock arrows are particularly useful to stun a Revenant for some time, so the players have the time to make some deadly moves and kill it. Kratos can tear them apart. If you are fighting with two or more than two Revenants simultaneously, use the runic power of Atreus- Falcon’s Dive or Murder of Crows to tackle the situation. This way, the opponents will become slower, and players will get the chance to defeat them one after another.

That’s all you need to know about how to defeat Revenants in God of War. Though the fight will be challenging and tricky, it is not impossible to win if you play with a proper strategy. If you want to know how to fight with Revenants in God of War, check out our guide to get help.

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