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Final Fantasy XIV has its share of issues and errors. Being an online integrated title, this game faces a bunch of connectivity problems as well. Recently, gamers have reported the error code 3070 World Data Could Not Be Obtained in the game. This issue is rather annoying because the game does not load up, forcing gamers to leave without enjoying the title.

When Does FFXIV Error Code 3070 “World Data Could Not Be Obtained” Occur?

The FFXIV Error Code 3070 “World Data Could Not Be Obtained” occurs normally while trying to launch the game. The game gets stuck in a black screen with the error message in a black box. The error code “3070” is displayed in the bottom right corner. The game never launches after displaying this code, which is the most annoying part if this error.

What Does FFXIV Error Code 3070 “World Data Could Not Be Obtained” Mean?

The error code 3070 “World Data Could Not Be Obtained” mostly means a problem on the developer’s end. Generally when servers are down, the game displays this error code. Also, when your internet is unresponsive or the fame cannot communicate with the servers, this error can occur.

Although unlikely, this error can also be triggered by an overcrowded primary server.

How to Fix FFXIV Error Code 3070 “World Data Could Not Be Obtained”?

Restarts are one of the most recommended fixes, and thus do not forget to restart your game and your system to check if that fixes the issue. Other than this, there are a few fixes can help solve the 3070 “World Data Could Not Be Obtained” issue. They have been listed below.

  1. You can follow the official Twitter account of Final Fantasy to receive updates on the game status. They generally tweet out in case of a server outage. Alternatively, you can also visit the official Final Fantasy XIV website to stay updated on the game’s status.
  2. If the game servers are up and running, you would like to check your internet connection. Power off your router and keep it turned off for at least 30 seconds. Then turn it back on.
  3. If all of these fixes fail, enter the game in another world server. This fix may not be applicable for everyone as almost no player creates characters in two different worlds.

In most of these cases, however, the best fix would be to wait patiently for the server to come back online.

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