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The Three Sheets to the Wind Emote in Sea of Thieves

The Three Sheets to the Wind Emote in Sea of Thieves

Emotes play an essential role in Sea of Thieves. Although they do not help you fight against other pirates or help you explore the tides, they do enable you to display a range of emotive actions that makes the characters even more delightful than they already are. Recently, the developers have announced, The Three Sheets to the Wind Emote in Sea of Thieves will be available to players for free until the next patch.

This is a limited time free Emote after which you will have to purchase it so make the most of the freebie and get it immediately.

Performing the Emote is similar to any other Emote in the game, after it’s equipped at the Vanity Chest you can perform it from the Emote Wheel.

To get the Emote, simply head over to the Pirate Emporium and grab it. Once you have it, equip it at the Vanity Chest and you are good to go, You can use it any time within the game. When you use the Emote, the game shift from first person to third person and you can watch your character performing the Emote. While performing The Three Sheets to the Wind Emote, the character faces the direction of the audience or the other character towards whom its expressing the emotions.

The Three Sheets to the Wind Emote is one of the best emotes in the Sea of Thieves and you need to grab it while it’s still free. it includes a bunch of hand gestures and facial expressions that syncs.  

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