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Fix Twitch Thumbnails Not Loading

Fix Twitch Thumbnails Not Loading

The last thing you expect when uploading a video on Twitch is the thumbnails not loading and showing a blank screen. There are several reasons that can cause the error such as the dimensions of the image might be too large, a fault with the browser, or the size of the image you are uploading. Regardless of the reason behind the Twitch Thumbnails Not Loading, it could hamper the popularity of your stream and compromise your revenue. Therefore, you need to fix it immediately. Stick around and we will help you short out the issue.

Fix Twitch Thumbnails Not Loading

The most common cause why streamers face the Twitch thumbnails not loading error is due to the wrong dimension of the image they are loading. Ensure that the image is below the maximum supported sie which is 1280 x 720 pixels. Images that exceed the limit in length or width won’t be accepted and you will see the blank thumbnail.

The second requirement of the image that users oversee or forget to abide by is the size of the image. Image that exceed the 10 MB limit will not be processed. So, ensure the image you are trying to use is less than the specified limit.

On rare occasions, the browser cache can also be a problem. Try changing the browser and attempt to process the images. If the issue is resolved and you want to use your preferred browser, clear the cache and the issue might be resolved and you can still use your original browser without having to switch to the secondary browser to upload the images.

Twitch Support acknowledged the issue last year, but as the bug is on your end, there is little they can do to resolve the issue. Hence the Twitch Thumbnails Not Loading error still continues to this day.        

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