Dwarf Fortress – How to Create a Library

 Dwarf Fortress – How to Create a Library

You can keep a section of your Fortress to indulge your dwarves in literature. By creating a Library, you can create a sort of meeting and recreational room, and you can also assign scholars and scribes to dedicate their time to writing books. In this guide, we will see how to create a library in Dwarf Fortress.

Dwarf Fortress – How to Create a Library

You can dedicate a section just to a library, and you can own various books here. Here we will see how to create a library in Dwarf Fortress.

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To create a Library, press I to arrange an area for the Library. You can even create the area from scratch if you wish. You can then set it as a meeting area by pressing M, or I if you wish to use it as a location. Next, you need blank quires and scrolls for your scholars and scribes to write on. For that, you need to build a stone quern using the stoneworker’s workshop. Assign some dwarfs to pick up plants and hand them to the quern to turn them into the slurry. After that, you will need a Mechanics Workshop and a Crafts Workshop to turn the slurry into paper sheets, quires, and scrolls. You need blank quires and scrolls first for scholars and scribes to write on, then turn them into books using paper sheets. You can also place some chests in the library to store excess scrolls, quires, and sheets.

Next, you need to place some bookshelves and tables and chairs. To attract more visitors, you need to purchase or steal books from other libraries and caravans. You can now assign certain dwarves to write books for you. Select the dwarf that has the writing ability and find out what branch of writing they are good at. You can set them up in the library, and if you have all the available resources, they will start to write. You should also keep a check on whether they are enjoying their work, as an unhappy dwarf will not write or use the materials provided. You can assign as many scholars as you want, but it is best to keep just one or two scribes. Scribes just copy whatever work you ask them to, so you should have more scholars instead.

You can also invite visiting scholars to your library if you keep your library open. Visiting scholars will write more books for your library, and you can add them to your bookshelf. But sometimes they can steal books as well, so you can keep a certain area unassigned for them, or keep a separate library for visitors. Also, you should ensure that you don’t get visitors who will leave behind dangerous books that will cause consequences, so you should keep a check on who is coming and going from your library.

That’s all there is to know about creating a library in Dwarf Fortress. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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