Dwarf Fortress – How to Get Limonite

 Dwarf Fortress – How to Get Limonite

While exploring the mines of Dwarf Fortress, you might come across certain precious metals that can help you forge better weapons and furniture. Some of them are quite rare to find, and one of the materials you will need is Limonite. Limonite is a type of iron ore, similar to Magnetite and Hematite. In this guide, we will see how to get Limonite in Dwarf Fortress.

Dwarf Fortress – How to Get Limonite

Limonite can be smelted to get four iron bars. Here we will see how to get Limonite in Dwarf Fortress.

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Limonite is used for stone crafting and construction, and has a lower solid density than Magnetite and Hematite, making it easier to transport it. You can also give it to the smelting dwarf to get iron bars. Finding and mining Limonite is quite easy.

All you have to do is first bring up the Embark screen, then press F to find the location. Limonite is mostly found in the sedimentary layers as veins, so you need to find mineral-rich environments for farming Limonite. After pressing F, select the Yes option under Flux Stone Layer. Under Shallow Metal, change it to Multiple, and also change the Elevation to Medium. The Drainage can be set to either Low or High.

After that, check the green areas flashing on the embark screen to find the correct place to start mining. After that, mine down to the sedimentary layer, since this is where you can get Limonite. Set up your mine and assign dwarfs as usual till they bump into a Limonite. You will know if you have reached a Limonite as you get notified about it, or you can pull up your announcements page by pressing the A button.

Select the announcement that shows Limonite, then press Z to zoom into the area. Once the cursor is pointing to the area of interest, press D twice to bring up the mining menu, then press A to auto-mine. Use your cursor to draw around the ore to mine, then press enter. This will start a vein pattern search, and you will get Limonite this way.

That’s all there is to know about finding Limonite in Dwarf Fortress. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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