Dwarf Fortress – How to Make Plant Cloth

 Dwarf Fortress – How to Make Plant Cloth

Dwarves in Dwarf Fortress will require clothes to wear, and the more they wear the more wear and tear they will receive. Dwarves that have worn out or have no clothes will be unhappy, so you need to make clothes from various materials. Plant cloth is a more versatile material to create various items. In this guide, we will see how to make plant cloth in Dwarf Fortress.

Dwarf Fortress – How to Make Plant Cloth

You can make plant cloth if you have pigtails, hemp, or ramie. Here we will see how to make plant cloth in Dwarf Fortress.

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First off, you need a farm plot to grow plants to get plant cloth. You can use a small portion of your farm and plant either hemp, pigtails, or ramie. These plants are seasonal, so when you cannot plant any of them, you can use the plot for other seasonal plants. You need to get the required seeds to start planting.

After that, you need the right machinery to turn the raw items into materials. You need to build a loom, which you can find in the Build menu. Press B to bring it up, then select Workshops > Clothing and Leather > Loom. You will also need a clothes workshop under the Clothing and Leather option. Lastly, under Workshops, you need to create another machinery, so select Farming > Farmer. If you have the necessary materials, you can also create a Dying workshop, but you won’t need it for now.

Next, you need to assign your workers. You can assign them to use all the threads available in the Fortress, or only work on the plant threads. To assign your workers, click on the Work Order screen and select the Labor tab. Then, select the Standing Orders tab > Automated Workshops. You can disable the option to automatically weave all threads, or keep it if you don’t mind them using all threads. If you want to assign the work, click on the Work Order tab to assign a particular task to the dwarf.

Now you can start making your plant thread. Click on the Farmer’s workshop and select the process plants option. You can send your dwarves to gather rope reeds on the ground to make rope reed thread. If you click on the Process Plants option, you will find the dwarf creating the thread. You can set the action to repeat to keep making rope reed thread. Next, you should check the loom if the thread is being processed. After that, head over to the clothing workshop and select what item you want to use the materials on. You now have made materials using plant cloth.

That’s all there is to know about using and making plant cloth in Dwarf Fortress. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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