Dwarf Fortress – How to Build a Temple

 Dwarf Fortress – How to Build a Temple

In Dwarf Fortress you can build various meeting points for dwarves to gather and socialize. One of the places you can build in your Fortress is Temples. There are various Deities that dwarves like to worship, so you can build them a designated room to get them to pray. In this guide, we will see how to build a Temple in Dwarf Fortress.

Dwarf Fortress – How to Build a Temple

Building a temple in your fortress is a simple process. Here we will see how to do that in Dwarf Fortress.

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To start, you need to find a designated space that should not touch your existing infrastructure. Set your dwarves to dig it up. It doesn’t have to be a perfectly square room, it can have edges as well. The room size should have more than 25 tiles to make it a spacious meeting spot. You can also place a small passage to place a door and make it a separate room. Next, you need to smoothen the walls and floor. You will also have to add an offering place so dwarves can go and pray. You can do that by pressing B to bring up the build menu, then selecting the furniture option or pressing F, and then clicking on Offering Place or pressing P to select it.

After that, press Z to set a zone. Select the entire room, then set it as a Meeting Room, but you can also set it as a dining zone or Tomb. You should also designate the new space as a Temple, by clicking on the shield icon with a plus sign in the Zone menu. Select the option for New Temple. For the Deity, select No Specific Deity for now. You can also name your temple here, and set who can visit the temple by clicking on the magnifying glass beside the shield with a plus.

You can now place some good quality furniture, statues, and altars, and have a skilled dwarf put some engravings inside the Temple to attract more dwarves. If you have dwarves worshiping a particular deity, you can change the temple to add more deities or build a new one. Once a temple reaches a 2,000 value, a priest will be assigned, and it will be recognized as the official temple of the fortress.

That’s all there is to know about building a temple in Dwarf Fortress. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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