Complete List of Roblox Error Codes and How to Fix Them All

Error codes may appear daunting when you first encounter them, but the fix for most Roblox error codes is simple. The fix is not always what the error message states, the error message is a result of a broad category of problem. And as it’s a system-generated response, it’s not always very accurate. Browse all the Roblox error codes and keep this post as a guide to fix the problems.

Errors with Roblox Website & Textual Errors

  • Roblox Down for Maintenance: As the error message makes it clear, the server of Roblox is down for maintenance. So, don’t worry! Try after some time. Check for updates on the Official website and forums. This error is widespread as the servers are offline.
  • Roblox ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS: If you encounter an error where the message statement is this, try logging in from incognito, private browsing, from a different browser, or over a VPN.
  • Roblox Error Updating Avatar – Number of item that you don’t own in this outfit: 1: The error occurs when you are trying to wear a skin or hat that has been sold out, deleted, or limited. The outfit number can vary depending on the number of unavailable items.
  • Roblox Something went wrong: The error message that accompanies is, “Error | An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later.” The error occurs when attempting to change the error number to a non-existent error number.  

Roblox Error Codes – Game Client Error Messages 0 – 300

  • Client Crash: This message appears if the Roblox client has crashed, runs out of memory, is experiencing excessive lag, or when the player joins with an exploit. Try reinstalling the client.
  • Error Code 6: When the Roblox client is detected as a malware by the anti-virus or firewall this error can occur. Additionally, problem with the internet connection can also cause this class of error.
  • Roblox Error Code 17: Verify the website blocks on your browser or just reload the page or try again.
  • 103 Error Code: If you are using the game as a child or teen, this error can occur. Check your privacy settings and the profile you are using.
  • Error Code 142: if this error shows the server might be outdated.
  • Error Code 148: Reinstalling the Roblox client can successfully fix this problem.
  • 256 & 274 Error Codes: If you are banned from the game due to any reason or the server shuts down, you can come across these two error.
  • Error Code 260: Don’t worry this is not a local error and when the server starts functioning normally you will be able to resume play.
  • Error Code 261: The Roblox error code 261 is another error caused from the server end, it might be undergoing maintenance. Try reconnecting after a few hours and you should connect with the server.
  • Error Code 262: Try reconnecting, the server might be temporarily busy or unavailable.
  • Error Code 264:  When you launch the game from the same account across various devices this error can appear. Log-in and play the game from the device you want to play.
  • Roblox Error Code 266: Occurs when you have left the game for a while and trying to play again. In the case, the connection lags excessively and may have been unresponsive for a long duration.
  • Roblox 267 Error Code: The system has identified suspicious activity due to which a script with admin access kicked you out of the game.
  • 268 Error Code: An exploit program changed you server.
  • Error Code 271: You have been either kicked out of the game or the all players are Afk (not online).
  • Error Code 272: If you are trying to connect to the Game with an exploit program, this error can appear.
  • Error Code 273: The Roblox error code 273 has various causes – there might be a problem with your connection, you are logged in using one account from various devices, you have been banned, or you have been warned.
  • Roblox Error Code 274: You encounter this error when the developers have shut down the server for maintenance or some other reason.
  • Error Code 275: When this error pops up, there is little you can do other than wait as the server in under maintenance, try in a few hours.
  • Error Code 277: It can appear randomly or when you are banned or there is a connection issue.
  • Roblox 278 Error Code: If the game has been idle for 20 minutes or more and you resume playing you can face the 278 error code in Roblox.
  • Error Code 279: There are two types of IDs that accompany the 279 error code. If the ID = 17, the possible causes are a general disconnect or failure to connect. With ID = 146, the cause is illegal teleport destination.
  • Roblox Error Code 280: The error occurs when the game is not updated for a while. The client and server version of the game does not match. Update the game and try again to fix Roblox error code 280.

Roblox Error Codes 301 – 805

  • Roblox Error Code 400: You can fix the error by attempting to change the URL you are trying to access. Try changing the URL of the website, you might have entered the wrong URL. Check the URL for typos.
  • Roblox Error Code 403: Occurs when you have been banned or do not have access to the page. The error code 403 means you are not authorized to access the page or server. Try a different server, see if the error still appears.
  • Error Code 404: It’s a similar error to the above, either the access is blocked or the page does not exist. This error message means the page of Roblox you are trying to access is blocked or removed.
  • Roblox 500 Error Code: You are seeing the error due to an issue with the internal server, no fault of your own. This means that there is a problem with the server and does not relate to your system or network. Wait for the issue to resolve on its own.
  • Roblox Error Code 504: The error occurs when the client is unable to connect to the servers due to a bunch of reasons such as connection issues on the client end, server maintenance, or temporary glitch. Be sure to check the internet connection and try again later. There are three possible causes for the Roblox error code 504, a connection issue, maintenance, and temporary shutdown. If you get this error. Just wait it out, soon you will be able to enter the platform again.
  • Roblox Error Code 517: When the server is shut down this error emerges.
  • Error Code 522: The user you followed left the game.
  • 523 Error Code: Another server problem, it’s down.
  • Error Code 524: It’s a VIP server and you need an invitation to join. Request another member with access to send you an invite. The error code 524 can also occur when the servers are down.
  • Error Code 529: Http service crashed. Try again.
  • Error Code 610: Connection lost or when you are trying to join a VIP server. Request someone with server access to send you an invite.
  • 7xx Error Code: Teleport has failed.
  • Error Code 769: For unknown reasons the teleport has failed.
  • Error Code 770: A non-existent game is being tried to teleport which can lead to the 770 error.
  • Error Code 771: A non-existent server is being tried to teleport which can lead to the 771 error.
  • Error Code 772: A full server is being tried to teleport which can lead to the 772 error.
  • Error Code 773: When trying to teleport a private place or a wrong ID can lead to error code 773.
  • Error Code 805: We still do not know much about the error code, but seems to be a glitch that can be fixed by trying again. Sometimes multiple times.

There are all the error codes you encounter with Roblox. If you are facing a specific issue and want a way around it, comment and let us know. Additionally, check for the error code in our Roblox error category.


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