Asura Island Token in Lost Ark – Where to Find

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Lost Ark has been one of the most played games on Steam since its release. Even after so many months, the game is still equally popular. The game primarily focuses on PvP, PvE, Crafting, hunting, collecting items, and thrilling adventures.

Asura Island in Lost Ark is also a place to do some adventure and collect some tokens. This Asura Island Token helps the players to become more powerful in the end game. This guide will help you know how you can get the Asura Island Token in Lost Ark.

Collect Asura Island Token in Lost Ark – What to do?

Lost Ark has a lot of PvP and PvE islands available, and Asura Island is a PvP island. It is located on the westside of the Lost Ark Media Island, another PvP island of the game. To be more precise, you’ll find it in the middle of Shushire and North Vern. This island is not available all the time; instead, it will appear randomly, and its availability can be monitored and checked through the Procyon’s Compass. You’ll get this compass just below the mini-map.

Once you appear on the island, you’ll probably be interested in getting the Asura Island Token which is a pretty long process. You have to complete two quests, PvP, and PvE, both. First, the players will get the PvE quest of killing 200 monsters. Completing the quest will reward you with 5 Blood Shards. But you can get more if you complete the quest and rank between 1 to 4.

After the PvE quest, you’ll get the PvP quest, where you need to kill the other players on the island, and as you get 600 points, the PvP quest ends. This quest will give players Blood Shards and Silver. While all the players who complete the quest get 20 Blood Shards, if you get the 1st position, you’ll get 100.

Players need 100 total Blood Shards to progress further. Open your ‘Sailing Material’ tab to check the number of Blood Shards you have. If you have enough, go to the Island Spirit NPC, and you’ll get Challenge of Blood, the main questline of the island, in exchange for the Blood Shards. The game will teleport you outside the island as you complete the first quest. Come back to the island again, and interact with the NPC again to begin the next quest named Gangwoon’s Rematch. Once you complete this quest, you’ll get Asura Island Token.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Asura Token in Lost Ark. If you are looking for a guide to get some help, check out our guide for the required information.

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