How To Level Up Mining Life Skill in Lost Ark

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Antara B

Lost Ark is one of the most popular MMORPGs released in 2019. Since the game was released, it has never lost its popularity among fans, and to date, a considerable number of players play  Lost Ark. This game has several features to explore and Life Skills to level up. Mining is one of those Life Skills, and this guide will help you know how you can level it up.

Guide to Level Up Mining Life Skill in Lost Ark- How to Do?

Like every other MMORPG, Lost Ark also has tons of things to craft, and Crafting requires resources. So, in Lost Ark, players need to find Timber, Iron, Leap Stones, Shards, etc. Some of these resources can be found easily, but there are a few resources, like Iron Ore, that you can’t get without mining nodes.

The more you mine nodes, the more your mining skill will level up. But if you want to speed up the process, we have some spots to suggest that you can mine to level up the Life Skill. Below we have discussed the best locations to mine-


This location is an early game location that players can access as soon as they reach Item Level 20. This is located in West Luterra, and the location has eight Copper nodes to mine. Mining these nodes will significantly help you level up your Mining Life Skill.

Lullaby Island

The Lullaby Island will be accessible after you reach Item Level 250. Players can mine, hunt and forage in this spot. This location has a few Copper Nodes to mine that will help them level up.

Meteora Island

Another excellent mining spot unlocks at Item level 250. This location is best to mine because you can get dozens of nodes to mine. However, this location is pretty crowded as players prefer to mine on Meteora Island. So, there won’t be any AI enemies, but you still need to be aware while mining.


It is also a good location to mine Nodes in Lost Ark. It becomes accessible a little late in the game at Item Level 302. This location also has a few Mining Nodes, but players must be aware of enemies. You may find mobs in this location.

Orvis Island

Unlock at Item Level 802. This location has Iron Nodes. However, before start mining, clear the mobs, so you can be relaxed while mining.

Guide to Level Up Mining Life Skill in Lost Ark- How to Do

These are the best locations to mine and level up your Mining Life Skill in Lost Ark. However, Apart from these, players can level up this Life Skill by mining in Platinum Fields. The location can be found marked on the map in any big city. However, without Crafting License, this area can’t be accessed, and the tricky part is that Crafting License drops randomly while harvesting resources. Therefore, despite being rich with mining nodes, this area is not the best way to level up your Life Skill.

That’s all you need to know about how to level up your Mining Skills in Lost Ark.

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