Apex Legends Loba Bug Acknowledged by Respawn Entertainment

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The new season of Apex Legends arrived just a few days ago. This large update has fixed several bugs and changed the game’s numerous features. But it is impossible to guarantee that no bugs or errors will appear in the future. Bugs and errors are integral parts of online video games, and it is almost impossible to find a video game that has never shown a bug, glitch, or error.

After downloading stuck and infinite loading screen bugs, another bug appears that bothers the Apex Legends Players a lot. Players start complaining about this bug on Tuesday, 10th May 2022. Their main complaint was that this bug prevents the abilities of Loba’s Bracelet (the thing she uses in tactical abilities) from triggering on the new POI (Point of Interest) on Storm Point.

This has made the players anxious and frustrated because now, they have to participate in the firefights without one potent ability. This is not the first time that Loba’s Bracelet has been broken and doesn’t work properly. If you have played Apex Legends, you have faced this issue previously. This issue has been bothering the players for the last few seasons, and the latest season is also not an exception.

Players started complaining about this issue on various forums and even on the Twitter Page of Apex Legends Live Squad Support, and the good news is that the developers have acknowledged the bug and stated that they are working to fix this bug as soon as possible. Respawn Entertainment has acknowledged this issue on Twitter and assured the players that they are trying to figure out a fix. Though the bug has not yet been fixed, players are now a little bit relaxed because the developers have confirmed that their team is working on it. However, they haven’t said when the fix will come, but as they are working; probably, it won’t take too long to fix the broken bracelet of Loba.

Until now, we also have no further information about their progress to fix the bug, but if we get information, we’ll update this guide.

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