Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Red Dots in Registry Issue Resolved

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

Over the past few months, there has been a range of issues with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite from disappearing badges, adventure sync not working, and an issue that’s more of a visual bug than anything else. When users looked at their registry, it showed red dots even when they cleared everything. It was hampering the experience of users. They did not know what to click.

The issue was acknowledged by the developer Niantic and assurance was given that the solution to the problem is in the works.

The red dots are supposed to appear when there is an activity that’s pending. The red dots indicate the tasks the user can take on. But, even when the user has completed the task the red dots appeared, which was confusing players.

As it appears, soon after the Tweet from Niantic, the issue was resolved. Although there has been no confirmation from the developers about the issue, several user reports on Reddit suggest that the issue has been resolved.

Here is the Reddit thread where you can check it out. So, for now, the Red Dots are functioning as they should be. As for the other bugs in the game, they still remain and hopefully, the developer gets to the bottom of them and resolves all the issues with the game.

Harry Potter: Wizard Unite is a great title with a lot of potentials. The great thing about all the issues is there are no game-breaking bugs, just minor glitches. Check out our other posts for updates on other ongoing issues with the game.    

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