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Warzone Pacific Krampus is OP Requires Nerf – Players Beg Developers

Warzone Pacific Krampus is OP Requires Nerf - Players Beg Developers

Krampus is turning out to be one of the most dreaded NPCs in Warzone and Vanguard in a long time mainly because the bastard does not die. Well, he does die but has a huge amount of HP and very few players have actually managed to kill the Krampus. In fact, the Krampus is so powerful, it can clear out teams without dying.

If you didn’t know already, the Krampus is an entity from European folklore. As per the folklore, the Krampus terrorizes Children on Christmas who have been naughty. The appearance of the entity is quite justified in Vanguard and its fun, but in Warzone it’s completely random.

In Vanguard, the Krampus spawns or goes after people who do not stick to the objective in an objective-based map or are camping. In Warzone Pacific through, it’s a completely different story. The monster spawn with no definite cause-effect scenario and would not die. It will devour an entire team or teams before it can be taken down.

It’s not clear yet, whether the Krampus regenerates its health after each victim or overtime, but it has to be as it has 365 hit-points and even multiple players are unable to take it down. It’s likely that the Krampus regains full health once it’s downed a player.

Whatever the case, players in Warzone are frustrated by this beast as it’s destroying the experience of the game as players find themselves running at the mere sight of the monster. Players are calling the Warzone Pacific Krampus overpowered and begging for Nerf from the devs. Here are some user reports.

Players begging for the Krampus to be Nerfed or to be removed entirely from Warzone has filled the Warzone Subreddit. Here is when we expect the Krampus to leave both Warzone and Vanguard.

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