Wordle Word Today Jan 28- Wordle 223 Answer


Wordle is one of the most popular word puzzles of recent times. However, it differs from the other puzzles in many ways, like, Wordle only gives one word per day, and also, initially, there was no hint of the word given. It isn’t easy to guess a random five-lettered word correctly without any proper hints.

If you are a Wordle player and are struggling with the Wordle word on 28th January 2022, this guide will be helpful for you.

Also, you can check the Wordle solution of 27th January 2022 by clicking on the given link.

Solution to Wordle 28th January 2022- Correct Answer for Wordle 223

Wordle is not a complicated game; instead, it is straightforward. If you have been playing Wordle for quite some time, you are already aware of the playing process and the rules. But, if you are a new player, let me help you. Wordle doesn’t provide you with clues at the very beginning. Therefore, you need to begin with random words. But once you enter a word, the puzzle will give you hints by making the letters green, yellow, and grey. All these letters have their own significance. For instance, Green indicates that you have entered the correct letters in the correct places; Yellow indicates you have entered correct letters in wrong places; and finally, Grey means those letters are not part of the original word.

Today, on 28th January 2022, the Wordle answer is PERKY. Perky generally means cheerful and full of energy. However, it is not a word that we often use. Therefore, it is pretty natural that the solution for Wordle 223 will be a little hard to guess.

Wordle Word Today Jan 28- Wordle 223 Answer

If you are stuck while guessing, let me help you. Begin with a word with ‘P.’ You can begin with ‘Peaky’ or ‘Peppy.’ As you enter your word, you’ll get the hints in the way mentioned above. Observe those clues carefully and form your next word. Eventually, you’ll reach the original word PERKY. But remember you have only 6 chances.

How to Get More Chances in Wordle?

Wordle doesn’t give unlimited chances to guess, as we’ve stated previously. Therefore, it’ll be tough for players to think the exact word where the clues are also fewer. Many players lost their chances even before reaching close to the exact answer. We have a solution for this problem. It worked for us, so we hope it’ll work for you as well. Below we are sharing the process of getting more chances in Wordle-

  1. Open your Wordle puzzle with Incognito
  2. Once you run out of all the six chances, close all the Incognito windows (in some cases, you can close your browser as well)
  3. Open your browser (if you have closed it) and a new incognito window.
  4. Go to the Power Language Website and open Wordle
  5. You’ll get a new blank puzzle to solve

That’s all you need to know about the Wordle answer today and how to get more chances if you have wasted all your chances and couldn’t get the actual answer. This above-mentioned method worked pretty well for us. We hope it’ll work for you as well.

Wordle is a free game that doesn’t need any money or registration to play. If you want to check out the game, go to the Power Language Website (link given above) and play the game anytime you want.

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