What is Wordle and How to Play?

What is Wordle and How to Play

Wordle, the name itself, tells that it is a word game like Crossword and Jumble. Word games are always among the most popular games among the different age groups of players. Word games enrich the vocabulary. Therefore sometimes, these games are used as the means of language teaching. The teachers hugely use Scrabble and Jumbles type of games to teach words to children. Even adults also enjoy these types of word games globally. Players who enjoy playing word games have good news that a new word game, ‘Wordle’ has been launched a few months back and became popular in no time.

This article will discuss what Wordle is and how to play it.

Wordle – Conception and Playing Method

Wordle is a simple and enjoyable word puzzle game created by Josh Wardle. He made it for his partner Palak Shah and shared it with friends and relatives. When the game is played in a large circle, and people start praising it, Wardle thought of publishing it online. This game allows players to have only one Puzzle per day. This game can be found on a website named Power Language. Players can visit the website and play the game for free, even without registration.

Though it sounds quite simple, the game is actually pretty tricky. In this game, players need to guess a five-lettered word. However, this game only has five-lettered words, and players have six chances to guess it correctly. Try to select five-letter words with multiple vowels and not repeat the words.

The most interesting part is that the game reveals a new word every 24 hours. The screen of Wordle contains a box having six rows and five columns and a virtual keyboard. If players put the correct letter in the right blank spot, it will become green, and if they put a correct letter in the wrong box, it will become yellow. However, if players type a letter that is not part of the Puzzle, it’ll become grey. There are multiple modes available for Wordle. For example- ‘Dark Theme,’ ‘Hard Mode,’ and ‘Color Blind Mode.’ Players can select modes according to their preferences.

That’s all you need to know about Wordle and how to play it. If you are a fan of word games, you must try Wordle once. If you want to know how to play it, check out our guide to get information.

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