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Wordle is one of the most popular word puzzles worldwide. Josh Wardle, a software engineer, initially created this puzzle for his partner, but later, when Wordle became popular among his friends and relatives, he published it on the internet. It is a free puzzle that players can play without any registration. Also, this puzzle is quite different from other puzzles. For example, unlike other puzzles, Wordle offers only one puzzle per day.

If you are looking for today’s – May 5, 2022, Wordle answer, this guide will certainly help you know it.

Solution to Wordle May 5, 2022- Correct Answer for Wordle

If you are a Wordle player, you are already aware of the rules. But if you are new, let me tell you the rules once again. Wordle offers you to guess a five-lettered random word within 6 chances. There are no initial clues given. So the players need to start with the random words that come to their minds. Once you enter a word, the puzzle will highlight your letters as Green, Yellow, and Grey. Each color has its significance that players need to understand clearly. Green letters mean that the letters are in the actual words and put in the right place; Yellow letters mean these letters are in the actual word but placed wrong; finally, Grey letters mean these letters are not part of the actual word. Players need to observe and understand these clues carefully to solve this puzzle.

Today on May 5, 2022, the correct word for Wordle is (UPDATED AT 12 AM).

How to Get More Chances in Wordle?

Wordle is indeed an excellent word puzzle, but the only problem is that it gives significantly fewer chances. Because there were no initial clues, players most of the time failed to guess the actual word within the allotted chances. We have brought a good opportunity for the players to get some more chances. Below, we are writing the steps to get some more chances in Wordle-

  1. Open your Wordle puzzle with Incognito
  2. Once you run out of all the six chances, close all the Incognito windows (in some cases, you can close your browser as well)
  3. Open your browser (if you have closed it) and a new incognito window.
  4. Go to the Power Language Website and open Wordle
  5. You’ll get a new blank puzzle to solve.

That’s how you can get more chances in Wordle. This method worked for us quite well, so we hope it’ll work for you as well. Also, check out our guide if you want to know the answer to today’s (May 5, 2022) Wordle.

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