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Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

Wordle, a humble word game made by a man for his partner has taken the world by storm and made Josh Wardle, the maker of the game a rich man. Recently, the game was bought by the New York Times for a handsome figure. In essence, Wordle is a word game much like any other with its own twist, but nothing more besides that. However, what makes this game interesting and what fueled all the hype surrounding it is the fact that once you have successfully solved the puzzle, you can share the result with your friend and family on social media.

So, if you are here it’s likely because you have exhausted all the six chances and still didn’t guess the Wordle Word Today 2 March 2023. Not to worry, we never win them all. Keep reading and we will tell you the right answer for today as well as how to get more chances at Wordle after the initial 6.

Wordle Answer for 2 March 2023 – Wordle Word of the Day

Before we share the results, let’s brush up on the basics of playing the game. Wordle allows you to guess the right word six times and each time you guess, it gives you color clues. As you enter the word, there are three colors and the alphabets turn into Green, Yellow, and Grey – each denoting a specific purpose. The green letters signify that those letters are in the actual word and placed correctly. Yellow letters indicate that those letters are part of the actual word but placed wrong; finally, the Grey letters suggest that these letters are not in the real word.

The Wordle word today on 2 March 2023 is ABOVE

If you wanted more chances at the puzzle, here is what you need to do:

  1. Open your Wordle puzzle with Incognito
  2. Once you run out of all the six chances, close all the Incognito windows (in some cases, you can close your browser as well)
  3. Open your browser (if you have closed it) and a new incognito window.
  4. Go to the Power Language Website and open Wordle
  5. You’ll get a new blank puzzle to solve.

This method worked for us. So, we hope it’ll work for you as well, and you’ll get as many chances as you want to solve this puzzle.

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