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Antara B
Antara B

Wordle is a newly released online word puzzle game created by Josh Wardle. The game became popular in a very short time because of its uniqueness. Wordle is not at all like other puzzle games; it only gives the players a single word to guess every day. The guessing process is also exciting and challenging because there was no clue before players started guessing the word. If you are interested in yesterday’s Wordle Answer 2 March 2023, you will find the answer on the link.

If you are a wordle player and looking for the Wordle solution o2 March 2023, this guide will definitely be helpful for you.

The Correct Wordle Answer – 2 March 2023

Everyday Wordle gives a five-letter random word to the players to guess. They have six chances to guess the word correctly. As players start guessing words and write them inside the boxes, the game gives them a hint if the letters are put into the right box (green box), if the right letters are put into the wrong box (yellow box), and if the letters are not the part of the original word (grey box).

Today’s Wordle answer for UK is ABOVE.

If you have already tried a lot and only one or two chances left, check out our guide and put ABOVE. But if you have already used all your opportunities and couldn’t find the right word, don’t worry, you’ll get another 6 chances tomorrow to guess a new word.

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