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Wordle is an extremely popular word puzzle developed by Josh Wardle. This puzzle has gone viral since its release. However, the most exciting part of the game is that it allows the players to guess a single word within 24 hours. Unlike the other puzzles, Wordle gives no clues to the players to start guessing the word. Instead, the words are completely random and have no connection with previous words.

If you are looking for the word of today’s (21st January 2022) Wordle, you’ll be at the right place. This guide will definitely help you get the correct Wordle solution.

Also, if you are interested in knowing yesterday’s Wordle’s solution- on January 20, 2022, Check out the given link.

Solution to Wordle 21st January 2022- Correct Answer for Wordle 216

Wordle players are already habituated with the playing method of the puzzle. The puzzle gives you no hints unless you put a random word. Once you put the word, you’ll see the letters become green, yellow, or grey. All these colors have their meanings. For example, the green letters indicate that the original word has these letters and is placed correctly. The Yellow letters indicate these letters are part of the original word but placed in the wrong position. Finally, the grey words suggest that these words are not in the original word. Every time you write a word, the game gives you these hints. Take these hints to include and exclude letters in your words.

Today’s Wordle word is PRICK. Prick is a common word that means making a small hole in something with a sharp tool. Prick is quite a common word that we use in our everyday life.

If you are trying to solve the puzzle and can’t get the correct answer, let me help you solve it. First, choose a starts with ‘P.’ You can select ‘Pride’ or ‘Price’ kind of words to begin with. The puzzle will tell you how many letters are correct and how many are wrong as you enter your word. Also, it’ll hint at if the letters are placed in the right place or not. Take the clues, and rearrange your letters to form the next word. Eventually, you’ll get the correct word PRICK after a few tries. But, players must remember that the chances are limited.

If you have already used most of the chances, check out our guide to get the right word and put it to solve the puzzle. But if you have run out of your chances for today, don’t get upset; Wordle will give you a new word and another 6 chances tomorrow.

Wordle doesn’t have any app available. Follow the link below to play the game: Wordle – A daily word game (powerlanguage.co.uk).

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